Sans Serif Fonts For Branding

15 Best Sans Serif Fonts To Download For Branding And Web Designs

If you are looking for a versatile font, sans-serif is the one. It became popular because many brands have used sans-serif to convey clarity in their branding through this font. It is clear, legible, and looks professional.

When choosing a font for your design initiative, multiple typefaces are available for free online. However, most businesses prefer sans-serif fonts for their logos, headlines, and design projects. Ever wonder why? We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to. We made a list of top free sans-serif fonts for you.

Where Can You Use Sans Serif Fonts?

If you are eagerly looking at fonts of letters on your screen, you might notice a stroke or an end without any extensions. If there are no extensions to the letters, the typeface is sans-serif. ‘Sans’ means without, and ‘serif’ means dash or line.

Sans Serif font

San serif font styles have fewer stroke width variations compared to serif fonts. However, they have high x-height with shorter descenders and ascenders. Typography rules in design are not as difficult as they sound. If the font you are using allows users to absorb content easily, then it’s absolutely fine. Sans serif fonts are a great choice for web content due to their higher legibility compared to serif fonts.

Sans-serif can also be used for longer texts. It started appearing more often in the layout for book covers, magazines, and catalogs. Because of its extremely versatile classifications, there are multiple font families available for this typeface, which any agency, designer, or business could explore.

Why Do You Need A Modern Sans Serif Font For Your Design Project?

Compared to serif fonts, using sans serif for your web design or logo design is more convenient. It is considered a modern font because it adds a stylish touch to the design you’re creating.

Popular brands like Apple, Google, Spotify, LinkedIn, Chanel, and more use this font for their logos, headlines, and online content. This typeface can make the brand look more credible and professional.

Sans Serif font for your design

Because of its minimalistic nature, it enhances the legibility of your design. While you can always opt for a different font, if you want your website content to have versatility, sans serif fonts are the way to go. For e-commerce, lifestyle, or technology companies, this typeface naturally aligns with your communication style. It’s a corporate font that’s an excellent choice for your website design, logo building, and branding of other products.

Best Free Sans Serif Fonts Classifications in 2023

The Serif font family has undergone significant evolution. Originally known as grotesques, Sans Serif earned their name due to their rejection of the more elegant ‘serif’ fonts. Neo-grotesques, like Ariel and Helvetica, are updated versions designed so that they are easy to read with simpler looks. There are also other fonts within the same family that include different glyph styles and alternate characters.

The most common classifications include geometric fonts, humanistic fonts, and display fonts.

Stylish Geometric Sans Serif fonts For Logo Design

Geometric sans-serif fonts feature simple geometric shapes. They are often bright and have minimal contrast in letter strokes. These modernist fonts have different weights and are typically used for designing logos, headlines, statements, and body text.

Geometric Sans Serif fonts

Humanistic Sans Serif Fonts For Branding

This font family bears a resemblance to serif typefaces and is related to Roman lettering. They are multi-width, showcasing contrast and minute calligraphy elements. They are commonly used for small texts and are favored by reputable organizations, government bodies, educational institutions, and financial sectors.

Humanistic Sans Serif Fonts

Display Sans Serif Fonts For Headlines

Display Sans Serif fonts are highly expressive bold fonts and are commonly used for prominent texts and headings. These fonts feature stylish, large letters, making them ideal for package designs and brand identity development. They are widely used in signage, directions, exhibitions, and other designs, easily capturing the human eye’s attention compared to other fonts in this group.

Display Sans Serif Fonts

The 15 Best Sans Serif Fonts To Download Today

1. Futura

Futura is an all-caps font that was essentially created by Paul Renner in 1927. It is a beautiful geometric font, inspired particularly by the circle. It is still considered a modern font even after its introduction 85 years ago. It is suitable for logos and headlines. Popular brands use this font for their logos, like Nike, Volkswagen, Gillette, Domino’s Pizza, and more.

•  Download Futura From


2. Lucida Grande

Lucida Grande is one of the popular sans serif typefaces on the internet, designed by Charles Bigelow and Chris Holmes. This font is primarily used for displaying body text on website screens due to its high legibility. This font serves as a default typeface for text on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, and more. With clear letterforms, Lucia Grande includes 1266 glyphs, four weights, and 3 styles.

•  Download Lucida Grande From

Lucida Grande

3. Visby

Visby was designed by Connary Fagen Type Design. The rounded font features 16 styles and eight different weights. It is inspired by Artic North and has smooth, round features, sharp corners, and hard lines. Visby is a versatile typeface that can be used as a lead font for posters, invitations, print ads, signage, and more.

•  Download Visby From


( Source: Google Images )

4. Articulat

Articulat font is a modernist take on the Swiss typography style. It exudes confidence with its sharp, geometric design, offering nine weights and obliques. The font includes OpenType features across various letterforms and styles. Ideal for web design, visual design, merchandise, and more.

•  Download Articulat From


( Source: Google Images )

5. Stark

Stark is a modern sans serif font suitable for headers and body copy. The font has ten different weights, plus italics, Latin characters with numbers, and punctuation. The preview shows uppercase letters, but lowercase letters also come with the package. Stark will be an excellent choice as a headline font for your next design project.

•  Download Stark From


( Source: Google Images )

6. Proximo Nova

A rework of Proximo sans, Proximo nova is a universal sans serif designed by Mark Simonson in the early 2000s. This amazing font family comprises 48 fonts and is the most in-demand font on the web. The font’s popularity grew, especially after the font introduced ligatures, enhancing readability and font aesthetics. Ligatures are not common for this type of font, making Proximo Nova unique. This font has been adopted by approximately 25,000 websites, including popular ones like BuzzFeed, Wired, and NBC News.

•  Download Proximo From

Proximo Nova

( Source: Google Images )

7. Etna

Etna font is a bold sans-serif font suitable for striking headlines and logos. It can be effortlessly incorporated into t-shirt designs, book covers, or magazine layouts to create a powerful statement. The Etna package includes 415 glyphs, encompassing both Cyrillic and Latin extensions. Despite its bold nature, Etna is also easier to read in lowercase letters.

•  Download Etna From


( Source: Google Images )

8. Milk & Clay

Looking for a font type with a different design? Milk & Clay is a handwritten sans-serif font loved by graphic designers. This font is all caps, making it unsuitable for body text. However, This font would do great in giving your design a unique look. The font works well for handmade products, branding, and logo creation.

•  Download Milk & Clay From

Milk & Clay

( Source: Google Images )

9. Stellar

Stellar, created by Mathieu Desjardins, is among the best sans serif fonts. It is a condensed font ideal for text-heavy writing, The font’s features include a taller x-height making it easy on the eyes, aiding readability. Stellar font is suitable for semi-formal communications, printing invitations, and sharing informational content.

•  Download Stellar From


( Source: Google Images )

10. Open Sans

Open sans is a free sans serif font designed by Steve Matteson in 2010. It’s a versatile font with a minimalist design, suitable for a wide range of applications. Open Sans contains flat design features and a complete 897-character set.

•  Download Open Sans From

Open Sans

( Source: Google Images )

11. Garet

Back to geometric fonts, there is a great font called Garet. The high-contrast clean letterforms are inspired by the circle shape. Letters such as c, e, and g seem to be enclosed within a circular shape. Garet is available in eleven weights, ranging from quite thin curves to extremely thick arches. The smooth masculine tone characteristics make this font ideal for logos, titles, and posters.

•  Download Garet From


( Source: Google Images )

12. Laro Soft

Laro Soft is a rounded sans serif with a strong personality. This simple font helps your brand stand out and gives it an organic feeling. Laro Soft has nine weights, from thin to black, and nine weights in Italic style. The font works well for various brands, from cosmetics and skincare logos to friendly web designs and packaging.

•  Download Laro Soft From

Laro Soft

( Source: Google Images )

13. Extatica

Extatica is a modern display sans-serif with narrow capitals. It comes with eight weights, 166 styles, and corresponding italics. Designed by Andriy Konstantynov in 2021, it’s perfect for posters, brochure designs, and journaling.

•  Download Extatica From


( Source: Google Images )

14. Greycliff

Greycliff font is known for its simplicity and minimalism. Greycliff font belongs to the sans serif font family. If you’re a business seeking impactful branding, Greycliff is the font for your designer needs. With 18 different styles, it can be utilized for digital ads, desktop workstations, applications, website content, and more. It works with both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, offering all the advantages of OpenType.

• Download Greycliff From


( Source: Google Images )

15. Hero

Hero stands out as an excellent sans serif font choice for digital consoles, web applications, motion graphics, and even printing on t-shirts. The font with soft and well-rounded letterforms enhances legibility, making it ideal for readers. The font features 20 different styles and weights, so you can easily use it for chunks of text.

• Download Hero From


( Source: Google Images )


If your business prioritizes branding that is clear, impactful, and strong, make sure to use sans serif. The sans-serif font library is extremely useful for your design needs. Sans-serif fonts are often overlooked, but there are many fonts that can bring your vision to life.

We’ve compiled the top 15 fonts from the sans-serif family to assist you.  These fonts will prove invaluable for the long haul, ensuring your content stands out effectively. Choose your font wisely because it significantly influences the overall personality and appearance of your brand.


How can you tell if the font is sans serif or serif?

Serif fonts have decorative tails or tapers at the end of each letter, whereas sans-serif fonts consist of clean, straight, and simple lines without these tails (feet) at the end.

Compared to the serif font, sans serif is all about throwing away tradition and favoring futuristic elements. They embrace modern thoughts and enhance content clarity and impact.

What is the most readable font?

For online reading, sans-serif is the popular choice. Fonts like Helvetica, Georgia, Arial, Open Sans, and Lato are suitable fonts for body content on screens. They are easy on the eyes, making reading faster due to their simple and clean letterforms.

Why is Sans Serif used by professionals?

Sans serif typography is considered more modern than traditional serif fonts, especially in digital formats. This font is used to make a  clean and intuitive statement when used for designing logos, websites, magazines, and more. The font is also versatile, making it easier to choose for various design elements. Typography experts recommend sans serif for online content.

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