You Don’t Need Expensive Design Consulting Firms for Great Business Graphics

You Don’t Need Expensive Design Consulting Firms for Great Business Graphics

Massive companies have the luxury of being able to hire fancy design consulting firms to take care of all of their design needs. These design consulting firms can charge tens of thousands of dollars for logos and graphic packages. If hearing those figures makes you squirm, don’t worry, you aren’t alone and we have a solution for you.

We don’t want to take anything away from the talented designers who work for these companies, but a lot of these deals are made based on who knows who, scratching each other’s backs, and so on. The consultants take the money from the huge companies, they keep most of it, and then they pay a few designers to do the work.

It’s just how things go at the top, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are better ways, where clients and designers are connected directly and empowered to do the things they do best. In this case, for the client, it’s working on growing their business knowing their design is in good hands. For the designers, it’s having a steady stream of reliable income that allows them the comfort and freedom to do their very best work.

This Got Us Thinking…

What if we could cut out the middleman and empower companies of all sizes to work directly with graphic designers? Here’s what happens…

  • Quality designs become much more accessible to small and medium sized businesses
  • Entrepreneurs can put their best foot forward by creating better first impressions
  • Turn around times are much faster because you’re working with your designers
  • Revisions and edits are quick, easy, and painless
  • The playing field becomes a lot more fair

When these big consulting firms are involved, a lot of that money doesn’t go to the designers, either, it goes to their bosses and to the consultants. The point we’re making is that you don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to line the pockets of huge design consulting firms when you can get great graphic design work done for a sliver of the cost.

There are so many incredibly talented designers who are available to create great work, but they don’t necessarily know the right people or have the connections for the backroom deals to land jobs at the huge firms. That doesn’t mean their skills are any less useful to your business, it just means that you can access top-tier talent without having to take out a second mortgage or sell your soul.

We work directly with our team of talented designers from around the world to empower smaller businesses and clients with the ability to make the best first impressions on their customers. People will judge your brand based on how you present it visually. Not everybody can give a solid critique about why certain designs look better than other ones, but it’s just something you feel. What kind of feelings do you want your clients to have when they see your logo, your brand’s overall aesthetic, your newsletter emails, your website?

A professional design package simply makes your business or project feel more trustworthy, the same way that poor-quality designs will make you seem less reputable.

Digital First Impressions Matter

Now more than ever, your potential customers have so many businesses they can choose from, and it’s never been easier to shop around. Back in the day, take a plumbing business, for instance. You could be located on the street corner nearby, and people would come and visit you because you’re local. They wouldn’t shop around and visit 10 different locations, so there was a bit less emphasis needed on making a strong first impression visually.

Now, however, a quick online search reveals dozens or even hundreds of companies to choose from, even locally, for just about anything you could ever imagine needing. What allows one to stand out from another?

The first thing that might catch people’s attention is a logo. Beyond that, it’s the overall design and aesthetic that folks will notice. While not every customer is savvy about things like web design and branding, most people can still tell, at least on some subconscious level, if the business they’re looking at feels trustworthy, professional, and worth hiring.

You might not think of design in SEO as playing a huge role, but it certainly can, because it can impact a lot of other ranking signals in more direct and indirect ways.

Leveling The Playing Field

When you don’t have access to a great design team because the barrier of entry is too high, that leaves you at a huge disadvantage as a business owner. The established brands who can hire the aforementioned design consulting firms get an instant leg-up, on top of the fact that they also already have larger budgets for advertising and brand recognition.

By using a service like ours, smaller businesses have a much easier time getting their feet through the door. They may not have all of the advantages of their larger competitors, but the internet is a great equalizer thanks to all of the different ways it levels the playing field. A great logo, new posts and promotions to share on social media, branding packages for various social platforms… all of these things allow businesses of all sizes to look every bit as professional as the companies that are able to hire design consultants. Let’s get into that a little bit more.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Great Design (WITHOUT Hiring an Expensive Consultant)

We’ve already touched on a number of ways that our service empowers smaller businesses, but let’s get into some more specific examples of exactly what we can do for you, with an emphasis on just how much value is waiting to be unlocked.

Standing Out on Social Media

As more businesses adapt to social media, it becomes more and more important to stand out from the crowd. Showing up isn’t good enough anymore. Using quick graphics you throw together yourself isn’t good enough anymore. As social media platforms limit our reach at a seemingly endless rate, we’re scratching and clawing for as much exposure and attention as possible. You’re fighting against your competitors for social attention, but also against people’s family members, their favorite content creators, people they went to highschool with, and so on.

Standing out from the static and the crowd is easier said than done, but the first step is to have great branding and graphics. Professional graphics that are tailored to attract the attention of your target audience are like a secret weapon. You can look at your social analytics to determine which styles of graphics perform best, and this is where having access to a service like ours is such a difference-maker.

If you determine that a certain style of graphics gets the most attention on social, just let us know and we can steer into that direction for all future designs. If you didn’t have a design team like us on your side, to offer quick turn around times and incredible graphics, you would find yourself paying a lot more, and wasting a lot more time going back and forth with consultants acting as the middle-men.

Building Trust Through Design

Design is absolutely crucial for building trust. Your customers and potential customers will make snap judgements about your business based on first impressions, even if they don’t always realize it at the time. A study by CrazyEgg took a closer look at this, and while it was based around web-design in general, obviously graphics play a big role in this.

“Poor interface design was particularly associated with rapid rejection and mistrust of a website,” explains CrazyEgg, “In cases where the participants did not like some aspect of the design the site was often not explored further than the homepage and was not considered suitable for revisiting at a later date.”

Trust matters because consumers and businesses have an infinite number of choices when it comes to choosing who to partner with and who to give their money to. You may offer the best product, or the best service, or have the best content… but it doesn’t really matter if you can’t get past that initial sniff test.

Once you’ve captured people’s attention for any reason, they’ll instantly start forming an impression about your business, and you want to influence that impression towards forming trust. Of course, you need to earn this trust and continue to deserve it on an on-going basis by fulfilling your commitments and doing a great job, but if you aren’t able to earn the impression of being trustworthy early on, it’s all moot. It doesn’t matter how great your business is if people think it looks sketchy or untrustworthy right out of the gates.

For a long time, people have parroted the idea that “content is king” but that’s only part of the story. Design is certainly a member of the royal family, at the very least.

We offer an alternative to some of the other design consulting firms and even the subscriptions.

Healthy Designs

The content flat-out doesn’t matter if nobody can stand to look at it. To illustrate this, and how important design is when it comes to trust, let’s focus on a sensitive niche like health. Health is so near and dear to people’s hearts, it’s such a personal and intimate thing, that trust matters to a much higher degree than other niches. It always matters, but people approach health with a much higher degree of scrutiny.

The website Social Triggers had 15 people search the web for health-related information. Each person searched for health information related to their own lives and experiences, so one person may have looked up info about diabetes if that was a part of their life, whereas someone else may have been looking up treatments for dandruff. The point is, it cast a wide net across health websites as a whole.

Out of those 15 people, design was staggeringly the element that determined whether they trusted a site or not. 94% of the time, design was the main reason that people didn’t trust a site, out of the websites they set aside. The other 6% was related to the content of the website itself, which flies in the face of the idea that “content is king” and that as long as your content is good enough, design can take a backseat. This just isn’t the case. Design opens the door for people to care about your content.

Granted, 15 people is a relatively small sample size, and it could be that content played a larger role in the sites they trusted and approved of, but this still gives us a glimpse into just how many people will outright reject a website or business as being trustworthy, right out of the gates, if the design is bad. Bad design immediately turns people off.

Taking Pride in Ownership

You know that feeling when you’ve just gotten a great haircut or a fancy new shirt and you feel unstoppable? You want to go out and let the world see you.

When you’ve upgraded your business’ design and graphics, it can have a similar effect. It can motivate you to get your business out there, to get it seen.

If you feel like your logo and other graphics aren’t up to snuff, it can hold you back from taking action. Maybe you’ve wanted to produce some videos but you don’t want your old logo to be captured in the video forever, so you’ve been putting it off? Maybe you want to get some merch printed, or new signs made, but you want better graphics first? There are 100 different examples, but when you feel confident about how your business looks, you’ll have an easier time promoting it and sharing your incredible work with the world.

Of course, a nicer logo isn’t going to change the core of your business and what you do, you’re still the same person selling the same products and services, but it can give you an extra sense of pride in what you’re doing and that comes through. People notice. Big companies will spend thousands of dollars, or even tens of thousands of dollars (and in some cases, well into the millions for re-branding packages). In fact, the city of Belfast famously spent a reported $280,000 for the following logo:

You don’t need to spend a small (or large) fortune for a logo and a branding package, we can create something thoughtful and relevant to your business without breaking the bank. The point is, any designer could have come up with a sideways heart that says “Belfast” in it, and a lot of the time getting the contracts for those types of jobs just comes down to who you know. A city has a huge budget to spend, somebody who is responsible for handing out the contract gives it to their friend’s daughter’s agency, and so on. Not saying this is the case of what happened with Belfast in particular, but it’s not that uncommon of a story. Our team can create gorgeous logos for you as part of any of our unlimited graphic design packages. We guarantee that you’ll love the outcome, and as with all of our design work, it comes with unlimited revisions until it’s the perfect combination of our design expertise, and whatever you envision and describe to us.


Great design can help tell a story, and modern brands understand how important this is. Consumers want to relate to the companies they’re dealing with, and this provides massive opportunity for smaller businesses. Even large brands take advantage of this, especially the brands we’ve grown up with and recognize our entire lives. Their stories and storytelling is entrenched in our lives to a point where we don’t even always notice it.

The average person can have an easier time connecting with a small business, versus with a massive corporation, so while companies of all sizes can use storytelling to their advantage to build a rapport with their target audience, smaller businesses probably have an inherent advantage – as long as they take advantage of it.

And design plays a crucial role in storytelling, for many reasons that we’ve already covered. And speaking of smaller brands, remember: we’re here to help you level the playing field.

Boosting Your Revenue

At the end of the day, it comes down to the bottom line. Having a feel-good story, taking pride in your business, building trust, and standing out on social media all exist to serve the same ultimate goal of putting more money into your pockets. If making money wasn’t the goal, you wouldn’t have a business.

Design helps you accomplish all of the things we’ve outlined above, and all of these things help you to earn more money. As such, better design helps you make more money. If that’s not a convincing argument, you’ll never believe in the power of great design until you experience it for yourself. Our team of incredibly skilled, responsive, and friendly designers are standing by to prove themselves, and to show what an impact they can have on your business.

Here’s Another Way That We’re On Your Side

We want to help your business grow and thrive, but it’s not just for benevolent reasons. Your success ensures that you’ll have a need for on-going design work for years to come, and we’ll be here to meet those needs.

Your success is our success, and we want to be successful!

We’re so confident in our service that we offer a free trial to new members. To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is sign up and take our service for a spin. You’ll be able to work with our designers to get some graphics made, you’ll see how smooth the whole process is and how simple it is, and you’ll get to see first-hand what we can do for you. If you love it, we know you’ll hate the idea of not having this service available at your fingertips. If you decide to go a different route, no problem! We’re still happy you gave us a try.

By offering this type of trial, we’re taking on all of the risk by essentially offering our services to you for free. We’re so confident that you’ll love the work we produce for you, so it’s worth it for us to have the opportunity to show you what we’re all about.

So, Are You Ready to Bypass the Big Design Consulting Firms?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any help getting started.

Our team of designers have all of the same skills you’ll find at any design consulting firm, and you’ll get to work directly with the people who are doing the graphic design work for you. We train all of our designers on our silky-smooth ordering and delivery process, so you can rest assured knowing that things will go very smoothly and you’ll look forward to submitting all of your new design tasks to us.

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