5 How’s of Picking the Right Colors for Your Website

Believe it or not, about 85% of your website traffic decides to stay or move on based on the color scheme you present. Shocking, but true — and quite fair because the color scheme and themes feed into the visual appeals or aesthetics, which often prove to be the first impressions.

Just like your brand has got its own identity based on your prime markers, your website is no exception! Unique, Appealing, and Memorable are the three-pointers that you should be going for. But in the hassle of achieving one, you might end up compromising on another.

Difficult, but not unavoidable as such — so put your worries aside because we have got your back!

Know your own website

Now, while pulling together all these factors into one platform, which is your website, you do not want to throw in the colors just because they “look cool.” An average surfer usually takes up to 90 seconds, if not less, to make the decision of whether they want to hop onto a different site or explore yours further.

So, before we get into the greater technicalities of picking the right colors for your website, make sure that you know and understand what you want to put up there. The better you know your own business, the clearer you will be able to portray that on your website.

The sentiments and emotions you want to bring forward, what you are promising, and how you display it is of prime importance to how the audience will respond to you — something that we shall now dive into with a bit of depth.

Balancing the needle: colors and emotions

Oftentimes, the most obvious effect that funnily enough is overlooked is the feeling and emotion that color might bring about. Without us even realizing that this association is happening, our actions speak out our internal response to received colors.

So naturally, our first target will be to comprehensively familiarize ourselves with the above.

If it is passion or energy you want to go for, decide red to be your basic color in the scheme. Alternatively, if it is happiness or a warning that you are aiming for, pick yellow.

(Source : Google Images)

The best way to achieve this mini-goal is to locate the emotion you want to trigger in the corresponding color.

List all of them out if you have got more than one in your mind, and arrange them chronologically to highlight your preference or priority.

Demographic of your audience

Taking a step further, think about the population you want to target. Whom are you trying to sell to?

This is an essential factor interlinked to the one we saw earlier because, with the change in emotions, you want to trigger changes in this demographic. Variations occur in personality too, which in generalizing, is a trend seen in two people if they are from the common section of the society.

Taking this into consideration, choose your base color. For example, if you are catering to an adult population who are fitness freaks looking for ideal diet plans, the prospective base color for your website will be a shade of green.

(Source : Google Images)

Oftentimes, gender also matters! Sure, it might not apply to every company out there, but if yours is one respective to this category, why not let it show on your website? It latently adds to clarity in the mind of your audience.

While incorporating the aforementioned, make sure you are not generalizing! In short, if your website is for men’s fashion, avoid their least favorite colors and go for the more liked ones. Similar if it is for women or any other stratification.

(Source : Google Images)

To make this easier, there isavailable data which you can find online just as easily.

Familiarizing yourself with the Color Theory

Let us hit rewind to first grade for a bit and recall what we learned in art class. The color theory is the science behind colors, so to speak.

And while there are complex studies conducted on the topic, here are a few quick pointers to enrich your understanding of it a little more than before — enough to fit our purpose.

(Source : Google Images)

As you might know, the colors are divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary. The colors that cannot be made by mixing two or more colors and exist independently are red, yellow, and blue — your primary set of colors.

Next up are the colors you attain by mixing two colors and, finally, tertiary colors that are achieved by mixing a primary and a secondary color.

There is no need to get all boggled up! A simplecolor wheel will help you get better clarity on this. It will also help you with an amalgamation of multiple emotions and sentiments you would like to trigger.

(Source : Google Images)

Followed by that, we have warm and cool colors, which are quite self-explanatory. And finally, understanding the color nuances, where you understand tones, tints, and shades to implicate your desired effect onto your platform.

Here you will see for yourself how the saturation and softness of every color you pick also brings about a variation in the meaning you portray.

Keeping it simple – The contrast and the gradient

A cluttered mind reflects as a cluttered canvas, and that is equivalent to too many cooks. Clearly, that is not something you want to portray, or you might end up scaring your audience away!

So you want to set one thing clear in your head, which is to keep it clear in the first place. Especially if you are confused, always go for a contrasting scheme or a gradient one because neither of those ever went wrong in the history of websites out there.

(Source : Google Images)

As surprising as it might be, white is also quite the option if you want to attract attention. In a world where vibrancy has become so popular, the simplest and most basic choice might just give you a sense of uniqueness!

Regardless of what you end up picking, make sure you keep the theme one and try it on with a different range of colors. By doing so, you will have gained a better sense of the website you ideally want to go for.

Another point to this is ensuring that you are not going overboard because colors can be very overwhelming at times. Not just for the one surfing through your website, but also for you who is making the decisions and managing it from this end.

Taking the help of Website Builders

A lot of companies and start-ups prefer to hire an expert or a professional to help them out with building their websites, logos, what have you. However, as the unpopular opinion goes, why not try your own hand at it?

You know your company better, so you know precisely what needs to be communicated. Moreover, you would not just be saving the time of explaining all of it to the person you have hired, but also the money which you can put in elsewhere!

The first thing you need to tell yourself is that nothing is impossible. And to be honest, everything is quite so exciting. A blessing as we have come to know this platform, the internet gives you access tomultiple website builders.

These could be completely free of cost, or you could even upgrade them on your own in case you want those premium options and playthings!

These website builders have existing themes and operations for you to work on so that you do not need to go through the whole process from scratch. Additionally, they let you play around with multiple sizes, formats, fonts, themes, and colors so you can see for yourself which one suits you best.

In fact, if you are ever in a dilemma between colors but are sure of a particular theme, you can try out as many options as you want!

Sweet journey to you!

Colors bring a different sense of feeling in our lives and give it gravity. Be it that or your business that you seek to begin. It has a prominent effect on how we perceive the things we see, and this could happen without us even realizing it.

Interesting, although it might be, it is your choice to make it advantageous. By incorporating as many pointers pertaining to colors as you can, you can make your website gripping so as to hold that traffic.

Starting your own business and earning the title of “self-made” is not an easy task. But luckily for you, with the help of the internet, it is not as hard a task as it used to be.

Rightfully so, you can bag a lot of things to your benefit provided you have got to start somewhere.

Given the fact that you have found yourself here means that your journey has begun, and kudos to you for that! We hope that this article has been quite useful to you in your inquiry of picking the right colors for your website.

Would you rather leave all of this up to us, so that you can focus on growing your business? Or maybe you’re a streamer or content creator who needs graphics? A local sports team? An influencer? Either way, here’s a look at all of the potential customers that we can help with unlimited graphic design.

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