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How To Get Different Fonts on Instagram Bio – Top Instagram Font Generators You Need To Know

Staying up-to-date with all the latest Instagram trends can seem quite difficult. You might have noticed how some Instagram profiles and posts stand out by using charming fonts as trends to showcase their creativity. Have you ever wondered how they manage to use these stylish fonts on Instagram stories and posts that are different from the standard ones?

It’s no wonder that businesses and brands find it challenging to stand out on Instagram amidst the ever-changing trends and fonts. To enhance your branding efforts, you can utilize various Instagram typefaces. In this blog post, let’s delve into how to use fun and fancy fonts on Instagram bios, stories, and captions in an easy way.

But first, let’s discover how to change your Instagram’s standard font and make your Instagram stand out.

The Need to Change Instagram Font.

Change Instagram Font.

#1 Be Unique

Instagram app is currently the world’s number-one social media platform. Everyone, from creators to brands, utilizes Instagram to showcase their work. The common goal is to grab the audience’s attention, and competition in terms of creativity and design is incredibly intense on Instagram.

From the beginning of printing to digital screens, the importance of fonts in terms of design and style is evident. Fonts have always played a significant role. However, on Instagram, which only uses a standard font for the app, standing out is a challenge.

You might have wondered why the signature font looks so familiar. It’s an immensely popular sans-serif typeface called “Proxima Nova,” created by Mark Simonson in 2005. This font is widely used and considered the most popular commercial font; it’s featured on thousands of websites.

Using a variety of fonts can significantly enhance your brand’s appeal to your target audience. That’s where you need to find a way to use different fonts for Instagram stories, bios, or even posts.

#2 Timeless Trends

Another interesting fact about Instagram that most people know is the speed at which new trends come and go on the platform. People readily jump on board different trends as they happen. Using a different font to create your Instagram bio is a timeless trend, but sticking to a single font forever can be a bit outdated. Let’s face it: while some fonts may be timeless, to truly make your account stand out, you need to use custom font types on Instagram. This trend is popular among various influencers and brands. It means you have to update your profile; otherwise, it might look neglected.

#3 The Fun with Creativity

Instagram encourages you to experiment with your content. Social media like Instagram provides a platform where you can showcase your talent in numerous ways.

Font change is another method to display your creativity. The best way to grab attention is to think outside the box, and here, it involves being creative with the font choices for Instagram.

How to Get Different Fonts On Instagram

Changing your font may seem like an easy process, but if you’ve attempted it, you will find it in vain. This is because there aren’t other fonts readily available on this social platform. However, if you, like many others, have noticed the trendy fonts used on popular Instagram pages and wondered how they did it, I’ll explain why.

The cursive, bubbly, and cute fonts that you’ve noticed on Instagram aren’t actually fonts at all. These stylish letters and symbols you see in Instagram captions, bios, or stories are actually Unicode characters.

Unicode allows the creation of pseudo-fonts made up of special characters that resemble standardized alphabets. If you explore by inserting symbols or special characters in a Word document, there’s a high chance you’ll come across thousands of unique symbols in Unicode.

Not delving too deep into the technical aspect, but it’s quite easy to create fonts that can elevate your profile in terms of standing out. To alter the standard fonts, you simply have to use an Instagram font generator tool. Instagram Font Generators utilize an Instagram scraper to extract font styles, enabling users to customize their text creatively.

Change Fonts on Instagram with Instagram Font Generator

Instagram Font generators are great tools to simplify the process of changing the custom typeface on the app. These tools also help you explore all the different font options before you pick the right one for your profile. There are many Instagram typeface generators for you to check out. In this guide, I’ve mentioned the top 5 text style generators where you can easily add text to customize your Instagram typeface.

 1. is an easy-to-use, very simple tool that helps you pick the best Instagram font for you. The simple way to explore different fonts of your choice is by typing the text into the top search box, where you can then check out the available typefaces in the drop-down box.

The tool’s interface only includes a text field where you can type your Instagram content and style it with various modern typefaces. Once you’ve selected the font, you can easily copy the output.

2. Fonts Social

Fonts Social

Fonts Social is a fun tool to try out a variety of fonts while exploring different emoji recommendations that can go along with your text. You simply type or paste your text into the first text box you see and then scroll down to see your words rendered in a variety of crazy-looking Insta font styles.

It lets you change normal text into different font styles, such as tattoo fonts, calligraphy fonts, italics web script fonts, and cursive fonts. You can use this tool to generate decorated text, big text, emoticon text, and emojis text for free.

3. LingoJam


LingoJam is another easy web-based Instagram typeface generator tool that works in a similar way. There are over 90 different styles you can scroll through and explore after typing your content text in the type box. You can then select the right one and copy-paste the text for your social media use.

This tool can be used to style your font text on Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook, among others. Like other generators, this one also produces Unicode symbols, called Instagram symbol sets.

4. Cool Symbol

Cool Symbol

Cool Symbol is a web-based tool that you can use to generate fonts that work on Instagram bio, captions, comments, and more. This tool includes a large list of fonts to choose from. It’s an absolutely free tool that you don’t need to install any application for; it works similarly to other generators. You can simply add text on the homepage and get a preview of how the input text looks in each font. Scroll and select the one you like best, then click to copy and use it. Don’t worry; it can be used across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more.

 5. MetaTags Font Generator

MetaTags Font Generator

This is a similar website tool that converts your input text into a beautiful typeface. It also helps you create an engaging Instagram bio font. It allows you to preview how your new font shows up on your profile bio, aiding in checking the aesthetic theme of your branding. You can customize a font that works on all platforms. After choosing the font that you think looks good in the preview, you need to copy the text and paste it wherever you need it.

Changing the Font For Instagram Bio & Caption

Let’s explore the step-by-step process of how to add a custom Instagram font to your profile. But first, don’t forget the third-party tools that we’ve mentioned before; you can use one of them to customize your font type.

If you’re using FontSocial to generate a different Instagram font, here’s the exact process of how you can use it to change fonts for your Instagram “about” section.

Font in your Instagram Bio & Caption

Step 1: Visit Fonts Social website.

Step 2: Type your bio text into the first text box on the homepage.

Step 3: Several font options will appear in the drop-down box. Scroll down and choose the font you like. Copy the text.

Step 4: Open the Instagram application on your device. Tap on your profile and then click on “Edit Profile” at the top.

Step 5: Paste the copied text into your bio section.

Step 7: Click “Done” to save the changes.

• A thing to remember in the case of an Instagram post: You can add the customized font in the caption by following the above-mentioned steps. After converting the text to a decorative font, copy your text and paste it in the caption, then click “done.” Your post on Instagram is ready!

Pro tip: There’s a limit of 150 characters in the bio text, so make sure your bio is readable and includes all the necessary details for your brand.

Changing the Font for Instagram Story.

Instagram stories are a part of your Instagram life; it’s exciting and fun to update stories showcasing your daily activities and creative endeavors. Such stories can help you build your brand through everyday content. To make them more attention-seeking, you can creatively include custom fonts to decorate your Insta stories. There are two ways of doing it.

1st way:

Changing the Font1

Instagram provides nine different fonts for making your text in Instagram stories look dashing. These are the available fonts on Instagram.

Step 1: Open Instagram. If you want to type something on your create story template, tap the “Aa” at the top right corner of the interface, use the keyboard to enter your text, and they will appear on the screen in the default “Typewriter” font.

Step 2: Swipe through the nine fonts from left to right and choose the one you prefer. Options include Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and more.

Step 3: Adjust the font color, resize the font to fit the story, highlight the text, or position it on the screen as desired. After you have finished editing, click the “Done” button to post it on your story.

2nd way: Get Different Fonts

Changing the Font2

While there is a limited choice in Instagram’s existing fonts, the text you use for your story might appear very common. If you want to change these repetitive fonts, you can personalize the Instagram text by using any of the cool font generators.

Step 1: Determine the text you want to include in your story and copy it.

Step 2: Visit any of the mentioned font generators above and paste your input text into the box and you will see generated results with different fonts.

Step 3: After selecting the right font, click to copy the desired style and return to editing your story. Paste the text wherever you want on your Instagram stories. Your new Instagram story with a cool font is ready.

Step 4: Adjust the font size and position. Make sure to use the right color or emojis. Click “Done” after making these adjustments.

Pro Tip: Avoid using customized fonts excessively, especially for long texts or paragraphs. They might be hard to read compared to the classic typefaces.

Best Practices to Use Custom Fonts – Takeaway

Now you know tips and tricks on how easy it is to add different fonts to enhance your creativity on social media, especially Instagram. This can boost your account’s reach and connection with your audience. Your creative output should align with your branding. Using the right typography can make your brand stand out in the long run. Use fonts strategically; there’s no need to go overboard with multiple fonts, as it can be repetitive. Choose one or two fonts that match your brand and use them occasionally. I hope this helps you transform your content to new heights!

Good luck!


1. What fonts are allowed on Instagram?

Instagram offers in-built fonts for creating Instagram stories, reels, and posts. However, the default font differs between Android and iOS users. Android users’ default font is Roboto, while iOS users’ default font is San Francisco.

2. How to get secret new fonts on Instagram?

Instagram accounts use in-built fonts, but you can easily find a secret font hidden in Instagram. All you have to do is;
1. Open Instagram Stories and record/snap/upload your image.
2. Tap the “Aa” button at the top right.
3. Scroll across to…the Comic Sans font.
4. Now, type the word “Papyrus.”
5.  Now, you can see the secret font and use it for whatever you like.

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