How to Present Designs Without Jarring Errors

Are you prepared with your amazing designs but don’t know how to present them? Or your designs are being rejected by your clients due to the inappropriate style of presenting them? Then, you have to surely work on the presentation aspect and know how to present designs without jarring errors. This can help in achieving better results and fewer rejections on your designs.

By using proper techniques and avoiding certain mistakes, it is possible to deliver a good presentation of designs. Also, it is important to understand the errors made while asking for reviews from other people.

Common Mistakes While Presenting Designs

Developing designs is not at all an easy task. An individual needs to spend hours, and sometimes days, creating a well-structured and impressive design. However, even after the formulation of the best design, it is essential to present them appropriately.

A slight error can ruin all the efforts done. So, here are the basic mistakes you need to avoid while presenting designs so that an individual will be able to approve designs in a single go:

1. Avoiding the presentation element

For most graphic and UI/UX designers, the presentation of design doesn’t exist. They mostly ignore it and have the mentality that a perfect design sells itself, and no further efforts are needed. But it is not completely true. The client always requires a proper explanation of the design prepared. Thus, it is vital to give a brief description of the design.

2. Lots of designs at a single time

It is always better to provide a single best option rather than piling up a large number of alternatives with no or less change. This similar thing applies to design presentation. If you present multiple designs to a client at the same time, then there are huge chances that he/she will not be able to pick the best or may skip an excellent choice. They can even ask to modify the color of a specific design to another design or remove a certain thing.

It is good to prepare an alternative to a specific design but not accumulating a huge collection. Showing the best one or two designs can help in attaining the desired results. If you find that some changes are required, then you can alter it accordingly before presenting it. It will increase the possibility of the selection of a particular design.

3. Showing the design in an improper format

Most designers usually ignore this aspect. They prefer to submit their designs in the format they wish. But it doesn’t work all the time. It is essential to present the design properly. Printing it or sending it online are the modes available.

A paper print helps to examine the small details of a design. Similarly, sending the design in online mode (PDFs or Word docs) enables the viewer to make or suggest necessary changes so that the designer can change it easily and quickly.

4. Ignoring the client’s requirements

A design is of no use unless it fulfills the expectations of the client. It is vital to understand their needs so that an individual can deliver reasonable outcomes with a single attempt.

It is important to ask these questions from a client before starting the work, “What do you think?” and “What they expect?” It enables you to do research accordingly. You can focus on the points expected from you. It gets possible to include them in the design process and helps in producing effective results.

However, a few designers ignore asking these questions as they think that it can reduce their value. It can be a possibility, but you are an expert, and you need to deliver your best with every outcome. But in the end, your skill-set, creativity, and knowledge matter the most, and therefore, you have to work according to them and give effective and efficient designs.

Strategies for Effective Design Presentation

Now, you will worry about how to present designs without jarring errors. The methods or steps or processes that can fulfill every purpose and help an individual in overcoming the common faults. A few essential solutions that can help in resolving those mistakes involve emailing the design, explaining each part of the design, presenting it with confidence, and more can resolve this issue to a great extent.

Firstly, emailing the design is extremely beneficial if you want to send it for review. It is better to include proper details of the design in writing in the email. It ensures that the client understands what you want to convey. You can also explain that the objectives are accomplished while making the design.

Secondly, it is better to place you in the shoes of the audience. It helps to know what they expect and how a balance can be made with them. You need to question yourself whether the design sends the message you want to give and how it looks to the general public.

Thirdly, you have to remain prepared with valid explanations of your design. It results in less pushback of your new design ideas. If you have done detailed research and followed every aspect, then you will not face any trouble while making and presenting the design.

Protip: Use the pattern feature in Photoshop for cohesion in your designs.

Another solution to this mistake is that you can take feedback from the right person having adequate knowledge about every sort of design. You should provide all the details of the prepared design to that individual and take suggestions for making any change if required. It boosts confidence and helps in presenting the design easily and without any hassle.

Lastly, it is important for every designer to have a proper level of confidence and enthusiasm while presenting the designs. It helps a lot in achieving the desired outcomes. You should know what you are saying, and for this, you need to prepare a lot. It is very helpful in presenting designs without jarring errors.

To sum up

For most designers, preparing designs is not a difficult task but presenting them to clients or customers is a big challenge. They face several troubles in conveying the actual meaning and thought behind the design. In order to resolve this issue, an individual has to ignore some common mistakes and follow a few tips.

It can help in presenting designs without jarring errors and attaining the outcomes an individual wishes to obtain with his/her every project. Therefore, it is essential to understand a few relevant points before presenting a specific design.

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