Most Common Branding Mistakes Designers Make

Most Common Branding Mistakes Designers Make

Why is brand identity essential for the success of your business? Let us answer this question with an example. If you have opened a small business, say, energy drink. If your brand does not have an identity of its own, how will people recognize you or differentiate your business from other energy drink manufacturing companies?

A brand identity allows your brand to communicate with the audience. However, there goes a lot of research and designing techniques in the making of the brand identity. A small mistake in brand design can affect the reputation of your business.

Branding is not just about creating an attractive website and logo. It is an extension of your corporate identity. It came as no surprise that companies spend a year building their brand story and still make huge mistakes. In this article, we will discuss the most common mistakes that the designer makes while branding so that you can avoid them in the future.

8 Most Common Branding Mistakes That Designers Make

Here, we have compiled the most common branding mistakes that designers make, which negatively impact their brand image. Along with that, we provide you with some actionable insights on how you can fix the mistakes.

1.     Not Communicating With Your Target Audience

If you cannot communicate with the people about who you are, there is a mistake in your visual design that you need to address. Your visual identity should connect with the audience; they should be able to receive the message you want to deliver.

How To Fix

To communicate honestly, let your audience know who you are. Try by verbalizing your brand’s vision, purpose, values, and mission. This way, you can realign your brand’s core principles with your brand identity, and it will reflect in your visual identity.

Remember to think about human-centered in design in business, because it’s humans that will be giving you business.

2.     A Controversial And Inappropriate Logo

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The common mistake that designers make is to have a logo that does not align with the brand’s values. A strong logo can reinforce and support your brand’s core values and mission. If your logo cannot connect with your brand, it is time to redesign.

How To Fix

The logo of your brand should be captivating and impactful without compromising the brand’s primary message. Also, make sure that while designing a new logo, it should align with your original brand’s logo design.

3.     Creating A Limited Visual Brand Identity

As we mentioned before, the visual identity should communicate efficiently to the audience. Your designers should have access to all the tools to create brand content regardless of the medium. If you don’t provide them with proper guidelines and tools, that results in inconsistent content.

How To Fix

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You don’t need to give the designers a comprehensive guide, but the basic guidelines are sufficient, which includes:

·         Typography and Fonts

·         Photography

·         Logo

·         Hierarchy

·         Colors

·         Iconography

·         Illustration

·         Video

·         Interactive elements

·         Web design

4.     Making Use Of Generic Layouts And Stock Photos

A human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words. Using stock photos is not a bad sign; however, custom images positively impact the audience, and they help create a consistent branding experience.

Working together with the designer to select layouts and photos allows you to combine the various brand designing elements. Then, you can display your brand story through a newsletter, social media campaigns, and website.

How To Fix

When you are going through the stock photos, ask a few questions to yourself, such as will that image deliver the message you want to your audience? Is the image consistent for branding across different mediums?

If you find the positive answers to the questions mentioned above, only then proceed with the images.

5.     Choosing The Wrong Color

The right color choice is very crucial while branding as it resonates with your brand image and values. Colors denote various human emotions, and the use of the correct color will generate and trigger the right kind of emotions in the audience.

How To Fix

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When you have to infuse the brand design with brand strategy, you need to pick the right color palette that complements your brand message. Brighter colors resonate energy and power, while lighter shades and pastel hues give a modern and fresh look. Therefore, choose a color that brings life to your brand image.

6.     Unresponsive Web Design

To create an interactive and impressive brand identity, it should include an instinctive design. Unresponsive websites, illegible favicons, and low-resolution images can make the audience turn their brand. As a result, your brand reputation and experience will suffer.

How To Fix

Whenever you design a website or a logo, consider the user experience in mind. How will the logo work on a small social media profile picture? Is your infographic mobile-friendly? You should ask these questions before the designer starts designing your logo.

7. Poor Typography

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Typography can either hinder or improve your brand experience. If things are cluttered, overwhelming, and indecipherable, it results in a poor and unsatisfied user experience.

How To Fix

To ensure that the typography is readable, you should carefully select the correct font pairing for your brand. The most common font pairing is Times New Roman, 12 pt in Bold, which is used by popular brands and is easy to understand.

8. Imitating The Competitors

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Why are you branding your business? Your purpose is to stand out among your competitors. This is another common mistake that designers make is to replicate the competitor’s design. If your competitor has designed a new logo, you are vulnerable to fall into the trap of doing the same. Also, if you and your competitor share the same language, it can confuse the audience.

How To Fix

Try to develop your unique design so that it becomes easy for the audience to distinguish you from other brands. If you have a solid branding strategy, you can easily identify your brand image among your target audience.

Final Thoughts

By focusing on the essential design elements, you can improve your overall branding and also render a consistent set of experiences and expectations to your audience. Even a slight mistake in your branding by designers can disrupt your efforts.

If you catch your designers making the above-mentioned branding mistakes, you can rectify them before they start impacting your brand image. We hope this article has helped you find the most common branding mistakes with the best possible solutions to fix them effectively.

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