Top Graphic Design Virtual Assistant Services 2023

Are you one of those business owners who finds the process of hiring a graphic designer overwhelming? Do not worry! Virtual Assistants can offer a helping hand.

An aesthetically appealing, consistent, and visually attractive brand image will help a business reap magnanimous benefits by giving it a strong market hold. Graphic design is at the heart of this. It arrests the attention of the clients, keeps them glued, and evinces strong communication. Sadly, hiring a designer is such a pain in the neck, let alone employing and paying one.

That is when Virtual Assistants in Graphic Design started gaining more and more relevance. Now they have become the new face of the design world. A virtual assistant is a remote professional who offers services on a per-month contractual basis.

The internet is overflowing with such services. However, there are two types here. The gig-based talent pool is piled up with freelancers, and the other is service providers will full-time, in-house talents, where a whole organization takes responsibility for the tasks you assign.

Thereby most established clients seek the latter. This helps businesses get their hands on designs effortlessly without stressing out about finding the right designer or hiring and paying a professional full-time. You can simply list your needs, and in a swish, you have a fitting professional on board to get things done for you.

How to choose the right VA?

Here are some of the things that you may have to consider before picking a virtual assistant for graphic design tasks.

  1. The first step is to identify your needs. Come up with a list of things you need your designer to accomplish. Try to include details about how you would want the output to be, known as the design brief, to get the perfect results.
  2. Look at the skillset and the experience of the VAs to find the best in the field. Websites these days have listed the portfolios of professionals for clients to see and pick.
  3. Ensure there is a means to have seamless communication between you and the vendor. In services such as these, communication is the key.
  4. The next key factor is the Turnaround Time (TAT). See if their average output time falls in line with your requirements and deadlines. Most services claim a TAT between 24 and 48 hrs but easily exceed their claims. Be sure to reach a clear understanding there to avoid last-minute hassles.
  5. Read the reviews and testimonials given by the clients before choosing a professional. This way, you won’t cry over spilled milk.
  6. The major deciding factor would be the pricing structure. It is quite sad that graphic designing is a costly business, and it does take a toll on your budget. But do not panic. There are a few budget-friendly AskNicely alternatives as well. We will get there soon.
  7. Do not forget to note their revision policy and how confidential they are when it comes to safeguarding your private data.

To simplify your task further, we have scoured the industry to list the leading virtual assistants for graphic design. Let us look into the most prominent graphic design virtual assistant services available in the market.

Top Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant Services

1. myVA360

Amidst a mob of virtual assistants catering to various services, myVA360 also has virtual assistants pod working on graphic designing services. From brand logos to brochures, from social media posters to landing pages, almost everything on your wish list gets checked.

Once you sign up, myVA360 hosts a delivery call, where they discuss all your requirements and expectations. This way, your plan and process are set up. So here are some of the features of myVA360



  1. You can hire your dedicated graphic design virtual assistants for all your business needs. There are no extra charges for assistants you get on board additionally.
  2. Based on the expertise of your hire, you can get your designs and marketing materials done.
  3. The graphic design VAs are proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.
  4. The pay is based on the hours worked. It is possible to make unlimited revisions and requests within that time limit.
  5. The balance hours in a month, if any at the end, are rolled over to the next month.
  6. You can also swap your virtual assistants if the prevailing one doesn’t fit your taste.

Pricing plans

  • The Starter or the entry-level plan is priced at $419/month, supporting 15 work hours.
  • The Pro plan is priced at $780/month, supporting 30 work hours.
  • The Master plan, claimed to be their most popular plan, is priced at $1080/month, supporting 45 work hours.
  • The Elite plan is priced at $1380/month, supporting 60 work hours.

Pricing plans

There is a 4-hour free trial policy. Once you sign up for the free trial, you are expected to burn it out within the next 7 days.


  1. myVA360 does guarantee experienced professionals, but what they fail to mention is that they are gig-based assistants and not full-time in-house employees. Quality and consistency are always a threat in such cases.
  2. The price range varies only based on the number of hours the virtual assistants are employed by the client. The features aren’t very specifically listed for each plan. If you are someone ‘without a plan’, you might find it hard to extract the expected results within the said time. Alternatively, you might also end up comprising what they produce as the clock ticks its way.
  3. They obviously aren’t budget-friendly, either. $419 for just 15 hours can be a bit difficult for small businesses to cope with.
  4. As we stated earlier, the plans aren’t elaborated, and once you get on board, certain special features might be available only on their elite plan. This could be a possible issue.
  5. There is no specific mention of TAT .

2. Express Virtual Assistant

Express Virtual Assistant is believed to be one of the market players with a pretty large number of services. They provide almost all services in graphics design from basic posters to 3D motion graphics. For detailed service package details, you can book a free call and get further details.

Express Virtual Assistant


  1. Apart from the long list of features stated on their webpage, here are some of their features that are worth mentioning:
  2. They follow a strict evaluation and documentation procedure before taking any clients on board to ensure hassle-free service.
  3. They test-run their service in a simulated environment to ensure the best results. This ensures the quality of their blueprint.
  4. High-quality graphic designing tools are used to produce professional output.

Pricing plans

  • The hiring price starts at $8/hour. This is their basic pricing tariff.
  • However, based on your needs and the working hours required, there are hourly, monthly, per-project, and long-term project plans.
  • You can state your requirements by filling out a form and getting your free quote from their website.
  • Their pricing quotes also vary based on the complexity of the project, the experience of the professional assistant hired, and other project-specific terms.


1. Price is the key factor when it comes to hiring virtual assistants. Though $8 per hour seems to be affordable, in reality, you will end up requiring more hours and better quality, naturally spending more than expected.

2. There is no specific mention of TAT, as it will be decided based on your project and requirements.

3. Express VA provides multiple services apart from Graphic Design. Thus, when you are looking for a rapt designing service, their priorities might lie elsewhere.

3. UpWork

A gig-based talent pool, UpWork has a whole load of freelancers waiting to be hired. If you are looking for specific talent and are not prepared to invest in monthly packages or long-term commitments, then UpWork could be an ideal place for you to pick your virtual assistant graphic designer.


  1. UpWork refers to itself as the Virtual Talent Bench and has created a marketplace for clients to visit, surf through, and pick the right VA.
  2. There are different ways to find a virtual assistant using Upwork. You can either post your job and wait for professionals to respond or browse different profiles already available on the platform and pick the one that suits your needs.
  3. Clients can also use their ‘Browse Projects’ option to see a range of pre-built projects. Pick the one that meets your expectations, buy it, and never go looking around for talents ever again.
  4. UpWork also has an app for people who are always on the go to monitor and handle ongoing projects/tasks on UpWork.
  5. The weight of your wallet doesn’t matter. If a $1000 talent is out of your league, you can find one for $100 as well. Inexpensive talents are just a few searches away.



  • Upwork charges a 10% service fee on the earnings of freelancers. Nothing more.


  1. Platforms like UpWork are virtual reminders of how difficult the hiring process is, yet again. Yes, you do have a laundry list of professionals waiting to be hired, but it still involves a lot of guesswork.
  2. Many communications have to occur back and forth before fixing on the right VA, that too if you are lucky.
  3. UpWork doesn’t take any responsibility for mismatches in the process. They are just intermediaries connecting people who are hiring with people who want to be hired.
  4. There is no way to identify the quality of these freelancers and agencies. You have to try your luck.

4. FreeUp

FreeUp is yet again a site that has an ocean of freelancers waiting to be hired. Out of the long list of services they provide, Graphic Design Virtual Assistant services manage to make it to the list.



  1. The onboarding process is quite simple. You can sign up for free and gain access to their marketplace.
  2. Submit a request asking for a VA in a specific category. The platform lets you conduct a short interview to find the right talent.
  3. It provides a budget-friendly space for businesses of all sizes.
  4. All packages include multiple revisions. No additional fee is charged for it.

Pricing Plans

  • You can find talents who charge as low as $20/hour to a maximum of $150/hour.
  • The project-based fee ranges between $150 for basic stuff and $2000 for more complex projects.
  • Prices are subjective, and payments are made on Thursdays every week.

FreeUp Pricing


The services are pretty basic and nothing fancy. At least they do not promise big under this category.

However, there are other categories where you might find the right fit, like motion graphics or 3D designs. It is good for you if you can find someone who can accomplish complex projects and other designing-related services without much hassle.

5. My Tasker

My Tasker provides virtual assistants who can breathe life into your website and help you realize your other graphic design requirements.  Under the category of Web Development and Design, they offer a wide range of services, from graphic design to multimedia services.



1. Unlike most brands that have restricted payment facilities, My Tasker gives a wide range of payment options:

  • Their ‘Pay As You Go’ feature lets you hire VAs as per need for $18/hour. This saves the pain of purchasing monthly plans for small demands.
  • They have attempted to satisfy global customers by letting their clients choose the ‘ Change Currency option’

2. They provide round-the-clock service striving to provide optimum manpower no matter how big your requirements are.

3. Unlike other gig-based services, they take responsibility for failed services and offer to provide backup and substitute support when required.

Pricing Plans


  • All basic packages are 30-day plans with varying price ranges based on the number of hours required in a month

10 Hours/ 30 days – $140

20 Hours/ 30 days – $250

40 Hours/ 30 days – $450

60 Hours/ 30 days – $600

100 Hours/ 30 days – $900

  • Further, they have combined the above into Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Annual Plans that have 5%, 10%, and 15% discounts respectively.
  • Hiring a ‘full-time dedicated VA’ feature is also available, priced at $1200 per month.


  1. At plain sight, the plans might look cheaper and affordable, but with a little thinking, any realist can figure out that even their ‘pay as you go’ plan scraps the base of your pocket.
  2. With restricted services and freelancers that make up their talent pool, it is quite difficult to place quality on the meter.
  3. Here we go again with the same interview process that is such a pain in the neck and takes a hit on the benefit of hiring a VA.

6. 20four7VA

20four7VA promises the best first impressions by using unique visual elements. They help you up your digital marketing game with the best virtual assistants in the market with a good professional image and reliable technical skills.



  1. Offers a wide range of services from providing marketing materials to product designs and illustrations.
  2. These skilled professionals use their adept skills in Adobe tool kit to provide other useful services like designing UI/UX, typography, and branding.
  3.  After creating the list of tasks that you wish to accomplish using your VA, this platform helps you in finding the right matches and further helps you to probe their portfolios too to ensure from your end that it is an ideal match
  4. You can also schedule a free consultation to do the same.

Pricing Plans

  • There isn’t an open pricing window for us to look at and compare. However, one can always book a demo on their website and also get a free quote as required.


  1. As stated in the previous part, we do not see an opening pricing method on their web page. You either have to sign up or request a quote to get further details.
  2. In a way, the website gains access to your details even before you can know them thoroughly.
  3. It is again a pool of freelancers. So, talent authenticity is at stake. There is no mention of TAT too. Once a match is made you totally take control of all the hits and misses come what may!

7. Wing

Wing provides fully managed Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant services that enable strategic visual communication and helps business with campaigns and marketing.



  1. Trusted by Forbes, Tech Crunch, and Business Insider, Wing has an enormous number of services to offer, among which graphic design VA plays a major role.
  2. They provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager who handles shortcomings and gets things done without leaving a mess.
  3. A dedicated designer is designated to your project, who you can either hire full-time or part-time.
  4. Wing has an app that enables tension-free one-on-one communication, Kanban Board, and a file-sharing system.
  5. The platform is integrated with 7+ tools and apps like Canva, Pixlr, Hootsuite, Zoom, etc., that make their work and output better

Pricing plans

Pricing plans

Their two-tiered plans include

  • Part-time plan priced at $999/month and
  • Full-time plan priced at $1499/month

The only difference between the plans is the number of available hours per day, which is 4 hours/day and 8 hours/day, respectively.


  1. There isn’t a decent number of price variations to choose from.
  2. Their entry-level plan is priced double the time of most basic plans on the list.
  3. Also, their website hasn’t listed anything regarding complex services like vector art or motion graphics, making one wonder what adds up to such a hefty price tag.
  4. Wing makes promises only from the marketing forefront and seems to have ignored the other aspects of the graphics world.
  5. Wing also doesn’t nullify the other issues that arise when hiring freelancers for serious tasks, which may bring clients back to square one.


As the name goes, is a hub of freelance professionals who provide expert graphic design virtual assistant services even for biggies like Airbus, Deloitte, and Amazon. It has over 67.8 million registered users and houses about 22.9 million job posts.



  1. lists the profiles of Graphic Designers who charge from $5 to $100 per hour. Due to the ever-growing demand for graphic designers, finding one on is a calk walk.
  2. You can post a job and hire professionals who suit your expectations. Freelancers start sending in their bids from which the best ones can be picked.
  3. The progress of the VA can be tracked 24/7.
  4. If a client is worried about the ownership of the completed designs and the protection of other project-related details, they can ask the VA to sign an NDA as a part of the process to ensure confidentiality.
  5. The TAT can be anywhere between 3 days to 15 days, depending on the complexity of the project.
  6. You can hire professionals either by skill or by location, as these features are available on their website.

Pricing plans

  • There aren’t any plan tiers.
  • Professionals can be found on their portfolios, and the cost of hiring them can be anywhere between $5/hour to $100/hour, depending on their experience, project complexity, location, and credibility.

freelancer p

9. Toptal

Toptal starts by gathering data from your end to provide a better user experience. It is a short quiz about your VA requirements, expected skills, budget range, working style, etc. This acts as a filter to zoom into their files and produce the results closest to your requirements.



  1. Toptal hires only the top 3% of the applications that flood into their portal. In fact, the word Toptal seems to have taken shape by combining the words ‘Top and ‘Talent’. Fair Enough!
  2. They work with some of the leading brands like Bridgestone, KraftHeinz, Shopify, and Duolingo.
  3. While your usual hiring process might be gruesome, and tough to pick the best among the rest, Toptal makes the job easy for you by already owning the creamy layer. This way, you know you are only looking at some of the best men in the market, and the chances of hiring a talented graphic designer are high.
  4. Toptal enables seamless communication with your VA and lets you own them like yours.

Pricing Plans

  • Toptal doesn’t openly list its pricing policies or that of its freelancers. However, based on the quiz we took, Toptal seems to have freelancers who can work anywhere between $50 per hour and $225 per month.


  1. The pricing policy isn’t clear, which makes us feel a bit queasy about wanting to work with them. What is a company that doesn’t let its clientele know the charges they would incur if they end up hiring?
  2. The number of services seems like an endless list, testing our patience before finding the right option.
  3. The quiz we mentioned earlier doesn’t always show a list of matching professionals. There are also chances where it simply claims that a VA with the listed demands isn’t available on board right now. Making the process a bit frustrating.

Graphically – An irreplaceable alternative to all your graphic design needs

Finally, we are introducing our service Graphically which is tailored with the utmost care and concern to help clients looking for a virtual graphic designer eliminate the concerns that preexisted with the market players. We absolutely have no qualms in saying that we have pioneered a middle ground in the world of graphic design.

world of graphic design.

Before us, talents that fit a specific budget were outsourced and gig-based. A full-time in-house virtual assistant for graphic design services meant slicing a significant portion of the budget and was considered a forbidden fruit.

But with Graphically you can achieve your dreamy goals and turn every expectation into actual designs at a price that is the lowest in the market. You can submit your request through email or direct website chat and see us get onto it almost immediately.

Scale as many graphic designers as you want and get visually appealing, high-quality graphics hassle-free. Work independently with our designers by having one on one Slack communication.


Our processes are fool-proof, and our designers are scooped from the creamy layer, and retaining them as in-house full-time employees rather than freelancers.

Graphically’s templates for social media posts are well-designed to accommodate varying needs, and there’s certainly no room for mistakes or mess while creating marketing materials. We are the only ones on the market to feature Whiteboard videos with simple and catchy animations.

Our TAT is always between 24 and 36 hours, if not less. Quicker TAT doesn’t equate itself to compromised quality. That is the benefit of having some of the best and most experienced designers in the market.

Our enthusiasm remains the same when it comes to seeing off the revisions as well. Keep asking us for better, and we will keep giving our best every single time unfazed.

Additionally, we use Dropbox as a medium to hand in the completed products. This makes it easier for clients to access the files and to take a look at the older versions.

Clients are provided with a ticket system to communicate, prioritize tasks and get queries cleared.

Graphically takes responsibility for your entire project and feels accountable for your setbacks. In such circumstances, we will strive to resolve it at the earliest



Now, let us talk about the elephant in the room, our prices. It is a flat $349 per month, and that is not our entry package; it is the premium one that facilitates 3 tasks in one go.

We have a Standard plan, the one that is a market hit, priced as low as $299 per month. No additional or hidden charges. It is flat, $299. We are super affordable! With our high-quality graphics, ongoing support, and the right graphic design tools, your marketing efforts shall never go futile

Few last words

A picture speaks a thousand words. That is why graphic designs have the potential to spice up your brand identity game no matter what your business niche, size, or type is.

Hiring a full-time graphic designer for your business is not always a wise plan, as we all know that designing is not a day-to-day thing. Likewise, sourcing the right graphic designer virtual assistant can also be a wild goose chase. Therefore, set your priorities straight, pick one that suits your needs, and stay relaxed.


Who is a graphic design virtual assistant?

A graphic design virtual assistant is a remote professional who provides support to businesses by becoming a part of their design teams. They extend a helping hand in creating graphics, editing images, managing design projects, marketing materials, and presentations, all done virtually on a freelance basis.

Is VA good for graphic design?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can be a valuable asset for companies to carry out graphic design tasks. They can handle both administrative and technical aspects, freeing up the organization to focus on other key business affairs and creative work. VAs are particularly helpful in managing projects, conducting research, organizing data, and even providing certain non-design related assistance.

Which industry is most likely to hire a virtual graphic designer?

The technology and digital marketing industries are the ones that are most likely to hire virtual graphic designers. These sectors often require a strong online presence, captivating visual content, and frequently updating digital marketing content on websites and social media handles. Startups and sm
all businesses may also seek virtual graphic designers to meet their design needs while keeping costs manageable.

How to hire a graphic design virtual designer?

  1. Here are some of the easy ways to hire a graphic design virtual assistant
  2. Freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Wing
  3. Social Media and Networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook
  4. Job Boards on public forums
  5. Remote Work Websites like

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