Animated Facebook Post: Benefits and Top 5 Animation Styles

Do you want to strengthen your web presence? Then infusing animated posts on your Facebook and other social networks is a great way to enhance your visibility. 

Animation has the potential to put your social media page in the spotlight. You can attract and engage your audience and improve the conversion rate with innovative and informative animated posts.

Why animated posts?

  • According to various research, in a Facebook user’s news feed, an average of 1,500 posts can appear daily. Since the users are flooded by numerous posts, they will only engage with specific posts that they find interesting. In this circumstance, an animated post is an essence that can attract the audience’s eyes.
  • Compared to creating a whole video, animated videos are less scary and much easy to make. Animated posts can vary from illustrations, photos, and other content. And you do not have to go through the trouble of shooting and talking to a camera.
  • Animated posts can instill the urge in viewers to watch your content longer, which will help draw them into your business.

What are the benefits of animated Facebook posts?

There are numerous reasons why you should use animation in your Facebook posts. Here are some of the key points:

Animated Posts will capture your audience’s attention

According to some recent research, the average attention span of a human is eight, two seconds less than that of a Goldfish. So, these web visitors with limited ability to focus will not be willing to invest their time and energy in a video or article. Only if they find content intriguing, catchy, and relevant will they try to focus on and engage with it. And animation is one such medium that has the potential to inspire viewers. 

Animated posts can grab the attention of the audience and spark discussions. It can influence people to feel the urge to take after the story and engage with them.

Animated posts can simplify complex messages and concepts

Animated posts can bring to life those ideas which cannot be conveyed or portrayed through live videos. You can create animated characters who convey all the messages you want or make them fly or go in time. You can demonstrate how your service or products work with videos or illustrations animated for Facebook or other social networks.

Animated posts can pull the viewer’s heartstrings.

Animated posts have the power to make the viewers emotional. For example, you can create sentimental animated posts for Facebook to evoke positive emotions in the viewers.

Animated posts are entertaining

Whether you are talking about your business or providing some information, you need to make it entertaining to catch your audience’s attention. The more entertaining your posts are, you are likely to get more shares and likes on Facebook and other social networking channels.

Top 5 animation styles for Facebook

Whiteboard animation

One of the best ways to present your idea in a clear and neat yet creative way is by using a whiteboard animation style. Generally, this style will use graphics on a white background, making it the best way to present your ideas. In addition, you can highlight key components that are vital for your subject.

2D Character animation

One of the most accessible and popular forms of animation style is 2D animation. In 2D animation, the characters and the space are created in a two-dimensional space. This simple animation is easy to comprehend and can convey emotions effectively.

3D animation style

3D animation provides quite an immersive experience compared to other animation styles. Due to the realistic experience they provide, they are mainly used for making animated movies, interactive ads, and other marketing materials.

 Even though this style is more sophisticated, 3D animation is more expensive than other animation styles. Additionally, it also takes a longer production time. Therefore, even though this style can attract the audience more and make your content compelling, it is better to go for other styles if you are short on budget.

Stop Motion Video style

If you plan to make an explainer video, the stop motion video style will be the right one. To create stop-motion animation, creators will take images of still objects and arrange them into a particular sequence to create an illusion. In addition to the aesthetic, stock motion is also cost-efficient as it does not require costly equipment.

Combining Live videos with 2D animation

Combining live-action with 2D animation is a great way to attract viewers. Along with grabbing the audience’s attention, it is also a great idea to gain their trust.

Spice up your Presence on social media with animation!

If you want to succeed in marketing, especially social media, you must mix your creativity with spices. And animation can be the secret and much-needed spice in your content marketing strategy.

Animated posts are lively, fun, and engaging. The Gifs, videos, or animated pics for Facebook will instill the urge in viewers to keep watching your content. As a result, this will improve the brand profile, enhance your popularity, and boost audience engagement.

So, to stand above and out in the vast digital space, combine creativity, innovation, entertainment, and information in your animated posts.


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