Reasons Why You Should Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for Business

If your customers do not have clarity about your product or service concept, making sales might not be easy. Therefore, the first thing you need to do to promote a product or service to potential customers is to explain it well. This is where whiteboard animations come into play. Whiteboard animations help present a product or a concept to the customer easier.

What Are Whiteboard Animations?

In simple words, whiteboard animation is a video that thoroughly explains things. The primary purpose of whiteboard animation is to make concepts as simple as possible and explain the most complex concepts in layman’s terms. They are excellent at communicating complex ideas to a large audience.

Since whiteboard animations are usually made with cartoon sketches, they are excellent at retaining customer’s attention. A whiteboard animation helps customers understand what you want them to see and is an educationally entertaining medium to them.

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Whiteboard animations have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their effectiveness. They are the videos that show the artist’s hand, drawing certain things on a whiteboard that allow the customer to understand complicated ideas.

There are many different kinds of whiteboard animations that you can use. You can make 2D videos, 3D videos, graphically animated videos, and even use cartoon animation. The creativity you can employ in making whiteboard animation videos is extraordinary.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Videos for Businesses

Now that you know what whiteboard animations are, it is time for you to understand why you should use them.

Better Marketing

All marketing strategies require explaining the utility of the product service. A whiteboard animation does precisely that. With the help of whiteboard animation, you can explain the most difficult to understand product concepts easily. When customers understand the utility and positives of the product or service, they are more likely to take action.

Extremely Simple

Do you have a product, service, or concept to explain that might seem too complicated to explain in simple words? In that case, whiteboard animations can be your savior. This is the leading reason why whiteboard animations should be used by businesses to train their employees.

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With the help of whiteboard animations, you can communicate complex ideas in the simplest of manner. This explanation has a better and longer impact on the minds of the viewers. Especially if you have an educational business, whiteboard animations will take your organization to unimagined heights.

Improved Customer Retention

Studies show that whiteboard animations improve customer retention by at least 15% as compared to corporate videos. The creativity involved in making a whiteboard animation reflects in the product. This creativity attracts customers and makes them want to stay on your website for a longer time.

If we look at this engagement from a scientific perspective, whiteboard animations retain customer attention due to feeling involved. As the animator is shown drawing things on a whiteboard to explain the concept, the viewer feels involved in the process. Feeling involved releases extra dopamine and draws stronger attention to the content of the video.

Compatible with People’s Attention Spans and Patience

Most people on the internet have an attention span of eight seconds. Therefore, if you are able to grab the customer’s interest within these eight seconds, they are likely to stay involved. Whiteboard animations are likely to grab the viewer’s attention within the first 3 seconds. Therefore, they increase engagement.

With the introduction of 30-60 second videos on most social media platforms, most people prefer watching videos that are smaller than a minute. However, due to the way whiteboard animation entices the viewers’ minds, they are likely to watch a four-minute video to the end.

Better Sharing Possibility

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Most well-made whiteboard animations are very informational, along with being visually pleasing. Therefore, they have a higher chance of being shared on social media. As a growing business, getting added social media attention is a huge positive that will help your venture grow.

The larger the number of people who watch your whiteboard animation, the more widely the word of your product is spread. Therefore, they become the marketing tool that is likely to market itself rather than you having to push it.

Marketing your brand on Instagram, for instance, requires strong visual elements.

Long Term Impact

When concepts are explained visually rather than orally, they tend to stick longer in the viewer’s mind. Therefore, when a customer watches a whiteboard animation, they will likely remember your product or service for an extended period.

Certain drawings in your whiteboard animation might make a permanent connection in their mind. Therefore, customers are likely to think more about your product or service. The more their thoughts engage in your product or service, the more likely to take favorable actions.

Avoids the Cost of Hiring Lousy Actors

If you look at the history of marketing videos, you will encounter a lot of videos that have lousy actors. Not only is hiring actors expensive, but if they do not do their job perfectly, your marketing can end up becoming a meme instead.

If you are making whiteboard animations and know how to function with the software that helps you create one, you do not have much to worry about. More likely than not, you will have to make a one-time-investment in buying the software, and you can create as many informational and non-embarrassing videos as you require.

You Can Reuse Old Audios

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If you have some old audios that have explained the concept you want to explain in the best manner, you can re-use them with whiteboard animations. All you need to do is add the preexisting audio to the newly animated video, and you have fresh content ready in less time.

Helps in Marketing Without the Customer Realizing

Sometimes, when you visibly try hard to market a product, customers will likely get skeptical about it. However, whiteboard animations market the product or service in such a manner that most customers do not realize that they’ve been subjected to a marketing strategy. This is likely to produce better results in terms of sales.

Whiteboard videos fall within our scope of service, so they’re included in our subscription services.


Whiteboard animations make everything seem much more interesting than they are. They are the best way of explaining concepts, products, and services. Therefore, they also serve as a great marketing tool. Whiteboard animation is a powerful video training and marketing tool that every business should employ.

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