Marketing Your Brand On Instagram With Designs

Is your brand not getting enough leads? If you wish to grow a strong base of followers who resonate with your brand, then Instagram is key to success.

Instagram has more monthly users than Twitter and offers the best platform to interact with customers.

The one billion Instagram community provides you with an ideal opportunity to market your brand. Use various marketing designs on Instagram to target invested customers who will keep coming back to your brand.

Most Instagrammers are invested shoppers who are in a constant quest for new products and services.

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Post the right product images with the ideal Instagram designs to make Instagrammers soak up your brand message. Eliminate hard sales pitches and use appealing designs to attract the audience base on Instagram.

Whether you are new to Instagram or not, we have got your marketing needs on Instagram covered. These advanced tips will enable you to grab the attention of Instagrammers and become their go-to brand.

Tips To Market Your Brand On Instagram

Set Up Your Personalized Business Account on Instagram

It is essential to set up a separate business account on Instagram. You must not use your personal account to market your product and services on Instagram.

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You must post pictures that are relevant to your brand and customers.

Optimize your professional presence on Instagram with the right tools, marketing designs, and Instagram features.

Include Your Instagram Link to Boost Your Sales Traffic

You can add your website link to your Instagram bio. It will allow your customers to head over to your website directly.

Put your business name, description, and website link at the top of your business page on Instagram.

Pen Down an Interesting and Informative Instagram Bio

Before hitting on the ‘Follow’ button on Instagram, customers will go through your profile. An informative and catchy bio will help you to introduce yourself on Instagram and convince customers of your worth.

Put a description that defines your brand without including a sales pitch. Keep your bio light and intriguing to lure in your customers.

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Your IG community must relate to your brand. Instagram is different from other social media sites, and hashtags won’t lead you anywhere.

Use designs that are specific to Instagram and that goes well with the IG community. Your designs and images must reflect the value of your brand.

Use a Consistent Business Name and Profile Picture

Your business name must be recognizable among the Instagrammers so that they can always head back to your page. Choose a name that is related to or the same as your brand’s name.

The thumbnail of your Instagram profile picture will accompany all your business engagement and interactions. Use a professional and recognizable picture on your business account.

Create IG-friendly Business Posts

We have heard time and again that a picture can speak volumes! Use images that will hook customers to your Instagram account. You can use the Instagram post scheduler to ensure timely and consistent content delivery, maximizing engagement.

Visual Information Can Make or Break Your Brand

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Utilize the Instagram account to post compelling images that would drive sales. Understand your IG community and learn what is trending. Use designs that are Instagrammers are currently loving to boost your visibility.

Respond to Customer’s Queries and Notifications

No successful engagement can be one-sided. You need to respond to notifications and queries of your IG community. You can DM your followers to thank them for sharing your posts or tagging you in relevant IG content. You can also use AI lead generation software to track and get back to your DMs.

You can also share pictures of your customers wearing or using your products. You must also regularly interact with your customers in the comment section of your IG posts.

How to Use Designs for Brand Marketing on Instagram

Use Professional Designs on Instagram

Selling on Instagram is all about using professional images and designs. Refrain from posting a blurred image or weird crop on your business account.

Instagram uses a specific pixel format that crops your picture to a 612 × 612 square frame. You must choose square photos for posting on Instagram to maintain the whole appeal of your product photos.

Your images must portray professionalism with high-quality designs. Use the right resolution size to preserve your photo quality on Instagram.

Use Photoshop and other professional apps to maintain a crisp quality on Instagram. Free apps won’t deliver you quality images!

Careful! Avoid the most common branding mistakes!

Use Designs and Images to Creatively Pitch Sales

Instagram takes visual information to another level. Detailed images are preferred by customers while shopping for products and services.

Instagrammers don’t want direct sales pitches. You need to post the right product photos that are worthy of grabbing the attention of the customers.

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Your product images must be unique to your brand and relatable to the IG culture. It is essential to build a relationship with your Instagram followers. They will connect with your brand when they are ready to shop. In addition to images, reels, and stories are also wonderful Instagram features that Acon24 uses to promote its trampoline products and share exercises with trampoline

Use designs that rightly portray your brand’s aesthetics and flaunt your products. Add variety to your business account so that they appear less promotional.

Use Instagram Designs and Editing Tools

Instagram witnesses about 95 million new photos being posted every day. The visual competition on Instagram is unbelievably high.

Your product photos may get scrolled past if they fail to cater to the specific needs of the Instagram community.

Instagram has a range of different in-app filters and design options that allow you to enhance the mood of your images.

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You can select a particular color theme that fits the style and aesthetics of your brand. However, use filters and designs consistently throughout your IG business account.

Use your judgment to select what looks best on your products. However, if you feel indecisive about using a filter, you can study what is trending on Instagram.

Use the filters that followers are currently obsessing over on Instagram. Play with various designs, patterns, and colors to create an artistic and compelling image.

Brighter images with light undertones are known to generate more likes on Instagram than darker images. Use a single dominant hue in your Instagram picture to witness a boost in likes.

Opt for Unique Lifestyle Images Related to Your Niche

Use life-inspired scenes, models, and backgrounds relevant to your field in your IG images. It will enable them to imagine how the product would look on them.

By presenting the lifestyle and culture of your brand, you can strengthen your business equity. Lifestyle images will add value to your brand and IG feed. It will inject appeal to your social media feed, and customers would love to check out your IG profile.

Include Exclusive Announcements and Offers

Boost your followers count by offering special discounts, insider announcements, and bonuses. Use text overlay designs to include promotions and announcements right on your photos. It is a stylish way to visually announce discounts and offers.

(Source :

Many free apps allow you to select the font, text positioning, and text colors. Apps like Over, PicLab, and others will enable you to add eye-catching promotional text over your images.

You can use geo-tags to let your customers know your business location. It’s a great way to connect to people within your locality. You can also use geo-tags to invite followers to your promotional events.

Boost Engagement on Your Instagram Business Account

After you are done posting relevant content on your business profile, the next step is to solidify your follower base.

Engaging content will help you to get a loyal base of followers and turn them into paying customers. Here’s how you can maximize your engagement on Instagram –

Amplify Your Post With Inviting Captions

Without an effective caption, your image will fail to win the hearts of your IG audience. Inviting captions can open the doorway to more response and engagement from your Instagram followers.

You can post a direct question to invite a response from your audience.

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Many brands also opt for call-to-action captions to facilitate conversations on their posts. Accentuate the meaning of your images with relatable content.

Your caption should make followers discover new facts about your products and services.

However, the catch is here to opt for small, intriguing captions. People will scroll past long paragraphs resulting in no positive response.

Interesting captions will promote participation among your Instagram followers.

Start Giveaways on Your Instagram Account

Giveaways are the latest trend on Instagram. To build better engagement, you can give away one of your popular or best-selling items.

Make sure you give away something desirable and engagement worthy. Conducting frequent giveaways will make people notice your brand and communicate directly with you.

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You must also post an appealing picture of your giveaway to make your IG community participate in that event.

You can use a text overlay on the giveaway picture. However, your text overlay must not be big enough to hide your prize picture.

Maximize Engagement with Instagram Contests

Contents are a great way to get more followers and boost engagement. It is a way of rewarding your loyal IG customers and keeping them hooked to your account.

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75% of Instagram users are reported to have participated in a contest. You can add a caption to include details about the contest.

Another trick here is to use a hashtag for your contest. Every time people will participate in your contest, you can locate them using the hashtag.

However, you should not run contests on your IG business account until you have a solid foundation of followers. Consider your existing engagement rate before you decide to announce a contest.

Use Shopping Tools for your Instagram Business Account

Instagram allows you to post a clickable link only on your bio. You can opt for third-party apps to enable customers to click through to your brand’s product pages.

Such apps are a great way to mend the gap between online purchases and Instagram business content.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business Content

Instagram stories can bring your creativity and uniqueness. Stories have become an integral part of IG marketing.

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80% of brands are reported to have benefited from Instagram stories. Creating a short-lived visually appealing video content can make your brand more popular among Instagrammers.

Use fun, business-focused stories to promote your brand to a larger IG audience base.

What to Post on Your IG Stories?

You can post promotional, interactive, fun, or informative content on your Instagram stories. Instead of sticking to a particular type, it will be best to a blend of various types of content on your IG stories.

Instagram stories offer a place where you can be more relaxed and less professional. You don’t have to maintain the quality standards as you do in your regular Instagram posts.

There are many cool designs, tools, and filters available for Instagram stories. It opens the door to creativity and allows you to post fun content.

However, it is important to track the analytics of your Instagram stories. It will allow you to understand what your audience wants. Stick to the type of content that your audience seems to like the most.

If your IG stories are getting sufficient views, DMs, and engagement, then it will signal your algorithm that your account is posting high-quality content.

It will facilitate your IG stories to appear higher up in the IG stories queue of your followers.

Creating content that is loved by your followers will help you get more views on your future stories.

How Often and When to Post Your Instagram Stories

Instagram limits the number of regular posts and can even penalize you. However, you can post as many stories as you want. Instagram stories are available for 24 hours.

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However, you can add them to your IG story highlights to make them last forever.

However, posting too many stories each day can make your followers mute your IG account. You must post only relevant content on your Instagram stories that followers would love to see.

You must understand what your IG community wants. If they seem to relate to your stories, you can post one every day.

However, if you feel that the audience is not reaching out to your IG stories, you can post once or twice a week. Keep in mind though that there are tools that can let you view instagram stories anonymously.

There is no optimal frequency when it comes to posting IG stories. Understand what works best for your brand and stick to that.

You can use Instagram stories to ask meaningful questions to your audience base.

Use IG Stories Features for Your Brand

When it comes to Instagram marketing via IG stories, it is essential to locate the right IG features and designs.

Clickable IG Links

Instagram allows you to add clickable links to your stories. It will allow you to directly send your IG followers to your brand’s targeted landing pages.

You can add links to a recent blog post or product pages and drive traffic to your landing pages. This feature will allow you to convert your Instagram traffic into paying customers.

Hashtags and Locations

Instagram stories have a huge collection of stickers that can be fun yet relevant to your brand’s content. These IG story stickers come with great functionalities. You can also use location-based stickers on your Instagram stories.

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This hashtag and location stickers allow Instagrammers to search stories on the explore page. This feature will enable everyone to check your stories whether they follow your account or not.

Using these stickers will allow your IG stories to pop up on the relevant Instagram page.

Tag Other IG Accounts

We have already stated the role of Instagram contests in boosting your engagement and earning new followers. You can also tag other accounts in your IG stories to drive more traffic to your giveaways or contests.

This Instagram feature is also effective for running an influencer marketing campaigns or takeover on your account. You can also tag the winners of your contests in your IG stories.

The social element of design can have a profound influence.

Share Your Instagram Posts and IGTV videos

If you feel that your latest IGT video or Instagram posts are lacking engagement, you can share them in your stories. Your followers can tap on the story to view the original post.

More Instagrammers are effectively engaging in Instagram stories, which creates a way to cross-promote your posts. Your followers can also share your posts using the re-share feature.

Countdown Stickers

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If you have an interesting upcoming event on your Instagram business account, the IG countdown stickers are your magic spell. You can set the date and time to remind your Instagram followers about the event.

Whether you want to promote a giveaway, sale, contest, or event, the countdown sticker can fetch you better results.

Emoji Sliders and Polls

Surveying the interests and choices of your audience can help you generate better marketing results on Instagram. You can ask questions using the poll stickers to know your IG audience base better.

You can get feedback on your business ideas, products, and feed aesthetics. You can also ask them about which filters and designs they would like on your feed.

Final Thoughts

Before you decide to market your brand on Instagram, you need to switch to a business profile first. Use Instagram filters, designs, and tools to build your feed aesthetics. Post various product teasers and create sponsored ads to boost your brand’s visibility.

Putting thought into getting this right the first time means that you can avoid rebranding mistakes, so do your best to get it right the first time!

Use Instagram stories effectively to maximize engagement with your audience. You can also partner with influencers to get a wider reach.

Collect and post photos submitted by your followers on your IG stories. Lastly, use interactive hashtags and designs to further boost your visibility.

Design for Instagram is just one of many services that we cover with our unlimited graphic design service, click the link to learn more!

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