Best Printers For Graphic Designers

Choose The Best Printers For Graphic Designers – Best Printers For Graphic Design In 2024

Whether you’re a graphic designer or a brand in any creative field, you already know the importance of having a good design printer. Printers serve multiple purposes, such as producing a physical copy of the design to assess how the project will look and providing tangible copies for clients. Printers are essential because they ensure timely access to the designs. They are a crucial element in a graphic designer’s life and are equally important for businesses and brands that require extensive printing for their clients.

But how do you choose the best printer in the market? When looking for the best art printers, we seek devices capable of strong color reproduction and clarity, among other factors. A subpar printer may print, but are the results worth the money spent on it? Therefore, it is crucial to research the available printers in the market that best suit your interests and goals.

Here, in this article, I’ve ensured to showcase the best printers for graphic design that can deliver beautiful results for all your design initiatives.

Inkjet or laser printer Printer – What Is The Best Printer For Graphic Design?

laser printer Printer


Before I show you the top list of printers, I hope you are familiar with the types of printers available on the market.

Inkjet Printers 

Inkjet Printers 

Inkjet printers use liquid ink cartridges to print high-resolution graphics, images, and photos. Inkjet printers have tiny nozzles that spray ink directly onto the page. Inkjet printers for graphic designers are the best budget printers in the market. This printer offers top-notch colored pictures and is preferred by graphic designers and brands that require HD photos, graphics, fine art, or images.

Inkjet printers are not very expensive, but they can be costly to use over time.

Laser Printers

Laser Printers

Laser printer printers use toner powder to print instead of dye or pigment-based ink. Laserjet printers produce high-quality black/white and color printouts. Laserjet printers create electrostatically charged dots that attract toner powder, where a heating procedure is used to transfer the toner to the paper and fix it. This printer also comes larger and heavier and is good for printing text and documents.

Laserjet printers are expensive to buy, but they can be less expensive to use over time.

Things To Consider For Inkjet And Laser Printer

Now the question is, which printer are you looking for? Laser or inkjet? It’s not easy to pick which type of printer you need, but with advancements in technology, you need to consider different things before choosing a printer. Factors like speed, color, image resolution, and their differences can make you go mad before finally deciding which printer is comparatively better.

But, other than these aspects, the type of projects that you typically work on with printers has an important role in deciding which printer best suits your goals.

If you do a lot of printing that requires photo-quality results, you might have to go with buying an inkjet printer that can have pigmented inks to give you high-resolution quality. On the other hand, if your brand wants an office printer with different types of documents to be printed, including design proofs, as well as texted documents, brochures, and others, then an LED printer will make things easier for you.

Now, keeping this in mind, check out what other things you should consider before choosing the absolute right printer for your design projects and home use. 

1. Functionality


The type of cartridges used by each graphic printer can be considered the main difference between laser and inkjet printers. While laserjet printers use toner cartridges, inkjet printers utilize ink cartridges.

Inkjet printer technology is basic, where the ink is dispensed as the cartridge travels over the page.

On the other hand, a laser printer operates with pressure and electricity to direct when and where toner powder should be sprayed onto the paper.

Ink and Toner

If your design work requires you to print out photo-quality results, then choosing a photo inkjet printer that comes with more than four ink cartridge slots will help improve the color and sharpness of images you print. There are multiple cool inkjet printers for artists available with up to twelve slots for separate ink cartridges, which can provide incredible levels of color and dark tones.

Toner cartridges in laser printers are normally available in four colors – CMYK. Each letter corresponds to a color: C for Cyan, M for Magenta, Y for Yellow, and K for Black. The combination of these colors can create incredible high-resolution images. A drawback of using a toner is that smudging can occur when the toner cartridge is full, or the print drum isn’t completely clean.

When someone buys a laser printer, they generally don’t realize the price of replacing the toner cartridges. But, in general, this cartridge will help produce multiple pages and can be more cost-effective. Laser printers offer black and white prints as well as a wide color gamut. 

The most handy way is to figure out the number of pages that you can get from a toner-based cartridge. Despite the cost, the number of pages you can get from one cartridge makes the savings per print worth the money and time.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of ink that will be used in the printers.

Dye-Based Inks or Pigmented Inks for Inkjets

High-end inkjet printers are easy to use because printers that use ink cartridges make them a great choice for graphic design work. Dye-based inks are normally less expensive while offering more vibrant colors than pigmented inks. Ink made using dye might fade quicker than the ink that is used from pigmented inks. I prefer dye inks in your printer because they work well with virtually all coated inkjet photo paper. They will be able to withstand ink smudging and resist it.

Mostly, I feel graphic design projects are transient, so you probably don’t need the long-term fade resistance of pigment-based inks. If you’re printing memorable photos that you need for a longer period of time, then pigment-based inks are preferable.

Keep this in mind if you need your printouts to last longer. You can’t use both inks together in printers. You will either need to choose one or the other; unfortunately, it isn’t interchangeable.

2. Costs

There are several costs connected with choosing the printer you have in mind. A laser’s initial investment can be higher compared to an inkjet printer’s, where inkjet is less expensive compared to printers that are laser. Printer powder replacements and changing cartridges are often more costly.

Although ink cartridges are less expensive, they may need to be replaced more frequently. So, in the long run, this can raise your costs.

3. Space

The inkjet printers for professionals use a limited spacing station if you have a small location or office to place it in. Inkjet-based printers are small enough to fit on a desk or shelf. They are more portable, and you’ll face no issue relocating the office with the inkjet printer. But lasers are often a lot bigger and require their own dedicated space and are not that easily portable.

4. Speed

Best lasers with toner cartridges print very quickly. The printer’s functioning determines the printer’s speed. Ink-based printers print very slowly because they require more frequent paper reloading, slowing the process of printing.

If you require printing a large number of pages at once, then a laser printer’s capability helps you finish the job.

5. Quality. 

When we look at the print standard or quality art prints, the combination of a printer that is laser and toner cartridge will give you better results. The laser’s accuracy is unmatched with an inkjet printer. When using an inkjet printer, the paper may be more prone to smudging.

6. Paper 

When thinking about the printer you’re choosing, it should be able to accept any kind of paper, like light, heavy, or double-sided sheets, without any issues. If you’re a fashion brand or business that wants to print right onto garments, you will require a DTG (direct-to-garment) printer.

So, make sure to include that variable in your decision-making process. Double-check the types of papers that your printer accepts; front-feed printers, such as most of the popular inexpensive models, don’t accept paper stocks of heavier grades.

7. Size

Printers can come in all kinds of sizes, but as the overall superiority of lasers has increased considerably, most times, they can only handle a width of 8.5 (also known as A4), which is the standard width of printer paper. While everyone’s design needs are different, this fact can lead you to choose the coolest inkjet printer. Finding one printer that can print dimensions of at least 13 x 19 inches, also known as A3+ or Super B, is pretty important for many graphic designers, design prints, and creative agencies.

So now, based on the overall aspects, I’ve shortlisted the top 10 printers from both categories so that you can mindfully select the one that matches all your requirements in the design field.

The Best Printers For Graphic Designers

Top 10 Best Inkjet Printers for Graphic Designs

The best ink-based printers for graphic design should ideally:

  • Be able to print 13×19 and smaller.
  • Accept light, heavy, and double-sided papers easily.
  • Have individual ink tanks (4 to 8 colors).
  • Be affordable to purchase and operate.
  • Ideally, should use dye inks.

1. Canon PIXMA iP8720 Inkjet Printer:

Canon PIXMA iP8720 Inkjet Printer

The best value printer for graphic designers, artists, and photographers.

  • Category: Color inkjet printer
  • Print speed: 14.5 ppm (mono)
  • Paper sizes: Up to Super A3/B
  • Paper capacity: 150
  • Weight: 8.43 kg


  • Affordable
  • Can print up to 13” by 19” images
  • High-yield cartridges available
  • Great image quality
  • Excellent speed with design and photo prints


  • No direct USB access from devices
  • Pricier rivals offer better print resolution

This printer is for all the designers looking to achieve print shop standards with their graphic design projects, posters, and photos. The Canon inkjet printer, PIXMA iP8720, features a strong paper feed system that can print on a wide variety of paper weights and finishes, making it one of the best A3 printers. It contains four colors for prints, four ink tanks, plus an extra black for text printing jobs, and it has USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity.

A big plus with Canon dye-based printers is that they never experience head clogs. Overall, this is a good art printer for the money and is cheaper to run than some printers on my list.

2. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000:

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

  • Category: Color Inkjet Printer
  • Print speed: 20 ppm
  • Paper sizes: Up to Super A3/B
  • Paper capacity: 200
  • Weight: 8.4 kg


  • Quite compact
  • Good format range
  • Great image quality
  • Easy to set up and use


  • A bit expensive to use
  • The printing speed is a bit slow
  • Dark areas aren’t well-defined.

Epson’s Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Printer is a high-quality A3 printer that provides photographers and graphic designers with proven, high-quality, and consistent results. This Epson Expression printer can print on paper as large as 13×19, as well as just about every standard paper weight and finish. With six individual dye ink tanks, the XP-15000 can give your images and artwork ultra-realistic print results. It is also compatible with high-yield ink cartridges that can print around 800 pages per color.

If you need a printer for your graphic design that is compact fit, and easy to set up and use for art prints, then this printer is for you. It is also one of the best heat transfer printers and cardstock printers available. If you have a budget for a high-quality best graphic design printer, then this one is worth considering!

3. Canon PIXMA Pro-200:

Canon PIXMA Pro-200

  • Category: Color Inkjet Printer
  • Print speed: 1.2 ppm
  • Paper sizes: Up to Super A3/B
  • Paper capacity: 150
  • Weight: 9.52 kg


  • It has 8 ink cartridges, which means smart use of ink
  • Affordable
  • Good image quality
  • Fast and speedy


  • High ink usage
  • The usual issues like smudging chances are high
  • Difficult to repair

If you have a need for a large-format photo printer, the Canon Inkjet Printer PIXMA Pro-200 is a professional choice. It includes eight dye-based color inks to help you print colorful and bright prints. It also comes with three dedicated ink levels for grayscale to produce the actual black you could want. It’s not the cheapest inkjet printer out there, but this inkjet printer produces results at 4800 x 2400 DPI and up to 13” x 19” in size, making it one of the best A3 printers for incredible detail in your artwork. For graphic designers needing professional graphic printing then this printer is one of the best printers.

The printer makes use of eight ink cartridges and prints quickly for an inkjet. In the market, this printer is known for its fast standard printing, giving you the best for your media, graphic design, and art prints.

4. Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850:

Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850

  • Category: Color Inkjet Printer
  • Print speed: 25 ppm
  • Paper sizes: Up to 8.5 x 14 inch
  • Paper capacity: 500
  • Weight: 39.20 kg


  • It comes with a 4.3-inch color touchscreen
  • Impressive performance
  • Cost-efficient ink tanks
  • Incredible print and duplicate quality


  • Pricey
  • It doesn’t offer automatic trimming

The Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 is a striking graphic design printer that heavily deserves the hype it always gets. It is a printer designed with an impressive tank that carries ample ink to print premium pages. The print volume is great, and it consistently produces high-quality prints from computers at a record speed. Print quality, duplicate quality, and text document scans look sharp, clear, and perfect. So, this convenient ink tank printer works well for sublimation and frequent printing needs.

There are a lot of pros that make you fall in love with this Epson EcoTank printer, but the only dislike here is that sometimes, at the default setting, there can be sweeps of photos coming out excessively dim. It includes media scanning software but doesn’t offer automatic trimming.

5. HP Smart Tank:

HP Smart Tank

  • Category: All-in-one Cartridge-Free Ink Printer
  • Print speed: 15 ppm
  • Paper sizes: Up to A4
  • Paper capacity: 100
  • Weight: 5.4 kg


  • Great price
  • Good print quality
  • Durable build
  • Good size range


  • Wasteful ink usage due to only two cartridges
  • No Ethernet or SD card support
  • Running costs can be expensive
  • Unresponsive touchscreen

This photo printer for graphic design has app-like navigation to simplify everyday printing, scanning, and copying tasks. The HP Smart Tank 7602 printer features an integrated touch panel, a high-capacity ink tank, and an automatic document feeder. High-quality media and color posters can be created at a very low price with up to two years of HP Ink included in the box.

This HP printer provides one of the most affordable inkjets out there for graphic designers to print color documents. It has good print quality and a durable build, providing good value for money. So, this commercial printer is the best for graphic artists who have a limited budget.

6. HP ENVY Photo 7855:

HP ENVY Photo 7855


  • Category: Inkjet Printer
  • Print speed: 15 ppm black, 10 ppm color
  • Paper sizes:
  • Paper capacity: 125
  • Weight: 7.7 kg


  • High scan resolution
  • Reasonably priced cartridges
  • Good printing speed


  • Single color cartridge
  • Inadequate touchscreen sensitivity

The HP ENVY Photo 7855 is one of the most popular and photo-centric printers for photographers and graphic designers. This budget-friendly pick lets you easily print vivid, high-quality photos from a computer. The combination of glossy black and matte black gives this printer a spectacular design. This printer includes a scanner and weighs around 17 pounds.

You can easily access and give print scan commands from the 3.5-inch touchscreen available on the front panel. This is a great pick for designers, businesses, and individuals because HP’s creative creation supports wireless printing, and it takes less than a minute to get bright, well-saturated color printing.

7. Epson EcoTank ET-7750:

Epson EcoTank ET-7750

  • Category: Color Inkjet Printer
  • Print speed: 8.5 ppm for black and 8 ppm for color
  • Paper sizes: Up to A3
  • Paper capacity: 100 pages
  • Weight: 22.9 kg
  • Print resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi


  • Cheap in the long term
  • Amazing print quality
  • High ink capacity
  • Easily accessible


  • Slower than some printers
  • Non-sturdy mechanics
  • Small display

Though it is expensive compared to other ink printers in the market, the Epson ET-7750 is actually quite economical in the long run. This printer is a bit slower, but the Epson EcoTank is a great printer that captures colors as they are. The printer does not make use of ink cartridges but uses high-capacity ink tanks that make the printing economical while maintaining high quality.

This makes this printer one of the best art printers available right now. The ET-7750’s high ink capacity and outstanding print quality make it a solid home printer choice for artists and designers.

8. HP DesignJet T210:

HP DesignJet T210

  • Category: Thermal Inkjet Printer
  • Print speed: 45 seconds per page on A1/D size, 59 A1/D size prints per hour
  • Paper sizes: 24-inch wide
  • Weight: 21.3 kg


  • Compact
  • Duplex printing
  • Durable frame


  • Lacks touchscreen display
  • Manual feed
  • Lacks Wi-Fi Direct

It is an all-in-one plotter printer for graphic designers, architects, artists, and other business-based users. This printer will help you print accurate pictures, drawings, maps, crisp text docs, posters, and anything that requires high precision. The printer has a durable steel frame and a compact design, so printer maintenance will be easy, but it’s a bit heavy to port from one place to the other.

If you want an affordable print rate along with high-quality prints, then this printer is a good investment for professionals and graphic designers to save money. It can also seamlessly connect over a Wi-Fi network, so you can easily give out print commands from anywhere.

9. Epson Expression Photo XP-970:

Epson Expression Photo XP-970


  • Category: 4-in-1 Color Inkjet Printer
  • Print speed: 9.5 ppm
  • Paper sizes: Up to A4
  • Paper capacity: 100
  • Weight: 6.7 kg


  • Good print quality
  • Wireless capability
  • Easy to use
  • Compact


  • No Ethernet support
  • Cartridges have a small capacity
  • No automatic document feeder
  • Can do better at this price range

The Expression Photo XP-970 is a small-in-one professional printer from Epson, which includes a wide range of colors that can deliver vibrant 4×6 photos in ten seconds. It contains a rear paper feed tray to be used with specialty art paper.

The Epson expression gives beautiful results using 6-color CLARIA Photo HD ink cartridges to provide a smooth tone, deep and detailed black, and high-contrast images. You can actually make use of Epson Expression if you’re looking for mid-range graphic design printers.

10. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4830:

 Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4830

  • Category: All-in-one Color Inkjet Printer
  • Print speed: 25 ppm (mono)
  • Paper sizes: Up to A4
  • Paper capacity: 500
  • Weight: 10.2 kg


  • Low cost to operate
  • Sturdy build
  • Great scanning
  • Good quality prints


  • No Bluetooth or NFC
  • Can have banding in higher contrast areas
  • Darker areas look dull

The WorkForce Pro WF-4830 printer contains 250-sheet capacity paper trays and is a great choice for small or home offices. It is a wireless color printer that packs AIO functionality into a compact design. The printer is reinforced by Epson’s PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology, ensuring you get incredible output quality.

The print has a maximum resolution of 4800×2400 dpi, allowing you to achieve impressive details in all of your projects. It might not be the best printer for overall graphic design projects, but it’s among the most inexpensive printers for designers out there.

The Top 10 Best Laser Printers for Graphic Designers and Agencies:

1. Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw:

Canon imageCLASS MF743Cdw

  • Category: All-in-one Color Laser Printer
  • Print Speed: 27 ppm (mono)
  • Paper sizes: A4
  • Paper capacity: 250+50
  • Weight: 26.7 kg


  • Great build and design
  • Good print quality
  • Easily accessible
  • Prints quickly
  • Automatic document feeder with duplex scanning


  • A heavy printer
  • Placement is limited due to the display screen
  • Cartridges have a small capacity

The MF743Cdw is a popular laser printer that comes with all the features you’re looking for. The best overall printer is suitable for your office or house. The features include automatic duplex printing, an ADF that holds 50 sheets, a front USB port, and quality print speed and results.

The design of the printer allows you to add further paper trays if needed and is pretty cost-effective. It has a high-quality touchscreen that makes the operation of the printer very easy and accessible.

2. Brother HLL8360CDW:

Brother HLL8360CDW

  • Category: Color Laser Printer
  • Print Speed: 33 ppm
  • Paper sizes: Up to A4
  • Paper capacity: 250
  • Weight: 21.81 kg


  • Good print quality
  • Great printing yield
  • Low cost to operate
  • Prints quickly


  • A bit expensive
  • Quite large
  • Photo print quality is average

If you’re looking for an ideal printer suitable for smaller firms that deliver fast and efficient results, you should consider this Brother printer. Each toner cartridge gives you a limit of 3500 pages, which can help keep down monthly operational costs. This allows multiple users to operate the printer with ease. The printer is great for offices and small businesses that require a heavy printing yield.

The HLL8360CDW is a great printer that offers good print quality, but the drawback is the size. The size ensures efficiency in high-volume printing.

3. Lexmark CS410dtn:

Lexmark CS410dtn

  • Category: Color Laser Printer
  • Print Speed: 32 ppm
  • Paper sizes: A4
  • Paper capacity: 125
  • Weight: 23.58 kg


  • Reliable and durable
  • Can handle a heavy workload
  • Prints quickly and silently
  • Good quality prints


  • Expensive to operate
  • Unable to scan or photocopy
  • It can have a slight blue tint when printing black areas

The CS410dtn from Lexmark is a laser printer that offers solid print results for small and medium-sized design firms. The printer excels at over 30 pages per minute.

It is recommended for daily use, and the printer is good for printing graphic design proofs, but make sure to pay attention to the yield of the toner cartridge for this model. Lexmark claims that it shows a monthly output of up to 75,000 pages.

4. Kyocera TASKalfa 4052ci:

HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202nw

  • Category: Color Laser Multifunction Printer
  • Print Speed: 40 ppm
  • Paper sizes: From A6 to SRA3
  • Paper capacity: 7,150
  • Weight: 95 kg


  • Crisp and consistent prints
  • Huge print capacity
  • Great print quality
  • You can even staple your pages


  • Bulky and heavy
  • It can be a bit expensive

For design agencies and art offices, you should consider the TASKalfa 4052ci from Kyocera. It is a robust laser printer with insane paper capacity. The printer can handle any size of paper from A6 to SRA3 and beyond, making it great for any presentations, brochures, large displays, or typographic pieces.

With 1200 dpi resolution, duplex printing, and advanced color technology, the printer scans and prints very quickly.

5. HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202nw (Monochrome):

HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202nw

  • Category: All-in-one Mono Laser Printer
  • Print Speed: 20 ppm
  • Paper sizes: A4
  • Paper capacity: 250
  • Weight: 8.8 kg


  • Good print quality
  • Cartridges are inexpensive
  • Easy to refill
  • Space-efficient


  • Slow printing speed
  • The LCD screen is a bit small
  • Resolution quality is limited
  • No automatic document feeder

The Neverstop Laser MFP 1201nw from HP is the first laser all-in-one printer that allows users to refill its toner tank instead of spending money on a disposable cartridge. The printing budget can cost around 60% less than the cost if you went out and bought toner cartridges. The drawback is that it lacks an auto-duplex option; this budget-friendly printer is the best choice if you’re looking to print basic monochrome items.

The printer powder in the box has a capacity of 5000 pages, and refueling the black ink is as simple as can be. While this might not be the best option for graphic designers who usually print in color, this printer can be used to print important paperwork, such as contracts, invoices, mail, and other docs. This printer is a valuable addition to a graphic design firm and is a great primer for monotone prints.

6. Lexmark MB2236i:

Lexmark MB2236i

  • Dimensions: 13.9 x 16.4 x 14.2 inches
  • Print Speed: 36 ppm
  • Media size: 8.5×14 inches
  • Weight: 22.00 lbs


  • Eco-friendly product
  • Cost-efficient for the price


  • Connection issues
  • Short lifetime

The Lexmark MB2236i is a great printer favorable for consistent office purposes, where it can operate at a low cost and produce high-quality prints. The product comes with end-to-end security that prioritizes users’ security.

It can improve the overall productivity of the workspace and drive workflows forward. It prints at a faster rate and keeps things connected for your design or office needs.

7. Brother HL-L6400DW (Monochrome):

Brother HL-L6400DW

  • Category: Mono laser printer
  • Print Speed: 40 ppm
  • Paper sizes: Up to A4
  • Paper capacity: 300
  • Weight: 10.7 kg


  • High print speeds
  • Low running costs
  • Great paper capacity
  • Good graphics and text quality


  • No USB flash drive support
  • Display is small
  • It can get a bit noisy

The Brother HL-L6400DW is incredible for delivering prints at a speed of 40 ppm. This printer is an excellent choice for any design office or company that requires printing day-to-day paperwork.

While it doesn’t come with WiFi support or a USB port on the front, it offers high print speeds, low running costs, great paper capacity, and good graphics and text quality, making it a valuable addition to your workspace.

8. Xerox VersaLink B600DN (Monochrome):

Xerox VersaLink B600DN


  • Category: Mono laser printer
  • Print Speed: 55 ppm
  • Paper sizes: Up to A4
  • Paper capacity: 550
  • Weight: 22.3 kg


  • Great print quality
  • Prints quickly
  • Extremely high yield with certain cartridges
  • Comparatively light


  • Adding the WiFi feature is an additional cost
  • It can be expensive to operate

The Xerox VersaLink B600DN, known for its blazing speed of 55 ppm, is my choice for the best monochrome laser printer. This printer boasts a compatible design, ensuring your entire team can print without worrying about time and energy.

While the initial cost might be a bit high, especially for a monochrome printer, it proves to be an economical choice in the long term with consistent print quality.

9. Kyocera Ecosys P6230cdn:

Kyocera Ecosys P6230cdn

  • Category: Color laser printer
  • Print Speed: 30 ppm
  • Paper sizes: Up to A4
  • Paper capacity: 500
  • Weight: 28.3 kg


  • Paper trays have a large capacity
  • Prints quickly and accurately
  • Great for heavy usage
  • Good color usage


  • Display and keys are constricted
  • Photos can look a bit dark
  • Quite bulky

While this printer is a print-only machine, the P6230cdn from Kyocera has well-built mechanics with a large paper capacity of 500 sheets and uses larger toner cartridges. This printer is suitable for home offices and workspaces.

The printer operates in duplex mode quickly, and though the display and buttons are smaller, it has built-in security features that protect your private documents.

10. Xerox B215 Laser Printer (Monochrome):

Xerox B215 Laser Printer

  • Category: Mono laser printer
  • Print Speed: 30 ppm
  • Paper sizes: A4
  • Paper capacity: 250
  • Weight: 11.5 kg


  • Prints quickly
  • Inexpensive to operate
  • High volume
  • Good print quality


  • Print resolution
  • Takes time to wake up

This is one of the most affordable laserjet printers with a compact design, offering incredible printing quality that easily fits into any small office or home space. The tilting touchscreen makes operating the printer easy, and the adjustable print speed of 30 ppm is convenient.

The printer comes packaged with enough ink for 1500 monochrome prints, and the tray can hold up to 250 pages. The Xerox B215 is worth the money you’re spending on it.

To Wrap It Up:

Printers play a crucial role in your professional life, more than you might realize. Choosing the right one for your graphic design career or office space shouldn’t be a time-consuming process. While comparing prices and qualities may seem a bit overwhelming, aligning your goals, requirements, and expectations with the top printers mentioned above can simplify the decision-making process. If color accuracy is your top priority, investing in an expensive printer may be beneficial in the long run. On the other hand, if you primarily need a printer for document printing, a budget-friendly printer that is laser can efficiently handle your workload.

With this list of the top 20 printers for graphic designers and agencies, you can be confident that your chosen printer for 2023 will meet your needs. Once you’ve made your decision, these printers are readily available for purchase on Amazon. Let the printing game begin!


What is DPI? And how is it important in Printers?

DPI” stands for “Dots Per Inch” (akin to pixels on electronic devices). DPI is a metric used in printers to assess printing quality, although there are other methods to evaluate actual quality. A higher DPI typically indicates finer detailing but also results in longer printing times. It’s important to note that higher DPI may entail increased ink consumption to achieve high-quality prints.

What are the best printers for high volume?

Generally, laser printers are the best for high-volume printing. The laser printers are known for printing quickly at high speed and at economical rates. Some of the good high-volume laserjet printers are Kyocera TASKalfa 4052ci, Brother HLL8360CDW, and Kyocera Ecosys P6230cdn.

Which is the best Inkjet Printer?

When it comes to precise color definition and vibrant hue printing, the best printers under this section include the Canon Pixma iP8720 and the Epson EcoTank ET-7750. But if you’re looking for an inkjet printer that gives you high printing volume results, then Canon MAXIFY iB4150 and Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4830 are good options.

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