Designing Infographics For Landing Pages

To create attractive landing pages means expressing your values and opinions to your customers. However, it doesn’t mean overloading the landing page with the benefits you offer as no one is interested in reading a treatise of your brand values.

A strong and visually appealing landing page allows customers to engage and interact with your brand. Recent studies show that people remember only 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what they read, and 80 percent of what they can see. Therefore, it is crucial to write a strong visual copy to have an impact.

If you want to convert customers into leads, your first step is to design appealing infographics for your landing pages. This article will lead you through the importance and how you can design an attractive landing page.

What Do You Understand By A Landing Page?

A Landing page is not a page on which a visitor reaches after clicking through the promotional link or advertisement. A website comprises individual web pages such as the “Contact Us” page or “About” pages; however, they are not landing pages.

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The landing page is a distinctive web page created for your visitors’ sole purpose to complete a particular task. It asks the customers to either sign up, buy, or download something from the page.

When it comes to design tips to boost sales, using infographics and visual elements to describe your product or service can really hammer home your marketing messages.

Why Do Businesses Require Their Own Landing Pages?

Any business becomes popular as soon as their landing pages can deliver a high Return On Investment (ROI). Research shows that companies with more than 40 landing pages can generate more than 120 percent leads compared to those with five landing pages.

Every company has their set of goals that they would like to accomplish through the landing pages. However, there are two main objectives of why one requires a landing page.

Conversion Goals

Most of the companies have a singular task of converting visitors into customers. If you have created the landing page for sign up, the conversion goal is to fill in the email id and sign up for the services.

To Meet The User’s Expectations

When a customer visits a landing page, they might have specific expectations with that page. The goal of the landing page is to meet customer’s expectations. If that doesn’t happen, the trust value and credibility of the page will be lost.

How To Begin Designing Your Landing Page?

While you are creating and designing your landing page, you need to consider your competition and audience.

You require tailoring your writing copy according to the audience’s ambitions, hopes, and goals. At the same time, you should research your competitors, what techniques they are using, and how you can replicate those techniques for your benefit.

To write a compelling copy, you must use hypnotic words as suggested by D Bnonn Tennat; imagine, because, and you. The three terms can fuel the unconscious mind while eliminating purchasing objections resulting in your product purchase.

Let us consider how these three words work:


Imagine allows the customer to visualize the result of the purchase. It encourages the brain to think about what impact the product can make in their life. It becomes easy to sell if the customer develops a future relationship with the product.


You must know the cause and effect mechanism very well. Because it indicates why you need this particular product, its benefits, and its uses. If the customer knows how they can use it, they will most probably purchase the product.


“You” creates a sense of identification and personalization. When a copy contains the word “you,” it allows the customer to connect and make them feel the product’s requirement in their life.

Now that you understand how to write an attractive copy, it’s time to add some design and infographics to the landing pages.

6 Ways To Design Infographics for Landing Pages

The concentration time-span of a human being is just eight seconds. Therefore, you need to convince the users within the time to stay on your landing page.

For any landing page, headline, subheading, picture, benefits, social proof, and CTA together forms essential elements. It would help if you designed them accordingly to attract the customer’s attention to your landing pages. Let us see how you can do it.

Creating A Compelling Headline

The Headline is the main attraction as it includes the message and motive behind creating the landing page. Therefore, a headline should captivate the customer’s interest as soon as they see it.

It is recommended to apply title case capitalization in the headline.  Studies show that over two-thirds of the population favors the capitalized first letter of every word in the headline.

Descriptive Subheading

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A subheading aims to provide an in-depth description of what your headline wants to convey. It explains why the services or products you offer are exceptional and why they should purchase them.

Add Real & Compelling Images And Videos

Adding images of your services or products allows the customers to visualize and relate to the messages. Human brains can process images faster as compared to text. Images will make your landing page look impressive and offer a smooth user experience to the customers.

Use real images instead of stock images as authentic images increase trust among the customers visiting your landing page. The same goes for the videos. You can add videos of your products so that the customers can view how the product actually looks like.

Explain The Benefits

Here, you should explain how a particular product or service is beneficial for your customers. Also, make sure you are not providing the features but the benefits.

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You should make use of bullet points to make it easy to read for the audience. Always try to avoid using long sentences; instead, use bulleted points to explain what the audience can expect from the product or services.

Providing Social Proof

Social proofs have a significant impact on a customer’s purchasing decisions. The testimonials, data or social media connections prove that others have used the services and voiced their opinions.

For example, whenever you buy something online, you look for the reviews so that you can decide about whether the product is worth purchasing or not. That is what exactly happens on a landing page.

Social proof can come in any form, including testimonials, customer reviews, logos of current customers, and product ratings.

Call To Action

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The sole motive of your landing page is to have a call-to-action (CTA). You must notify your customers to finish a particular task that you have set up for them. It is essential to know how to place the call-to-action, how it should look, and how it should read for conversions.

CTA includes two key elements:

·         Design: It is the visual idea to the audience where they need to click.

·         Copy: It answers why the customers should click this button

The copy should be precise and descriptive, making it clear to the customers what they need to do in the next steps. For example, you can use the following commands, “enroll now,” “book now,” or “sign up for the newsletter,” and others.

In terms of designing the CTA, there are few things you should pay attention to:

Use Color Contrast

The CTA should be visible to the customers as an individual entity on your landing page. For that, you need to look at the color wheel. First, look for the primary color of your site and then the one that goes in contrast. The contrasting color is the best to use for the CTA.

For example, if the primary background color is white, you can use red CTA to stand out from the page. We will discuss the color theme later in this article in detail.

Enclosed In A Box

You can design your CTA to look visually like a button. You can give a 3D effect and use round edges to make it more appealing.

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You can also use some additional features, such as changing the color as soon as one places a cursor over the button. It will evoke the customer’s interest to click it.

White Spaces

You can include a white place near the button so that it is visible and separated from the other contents of the page.


Make sure that the size of the button is quite enlarged in comparison to the other texts. Your end goal is to attract customers to the CTA. Therefore, it should be visible on the page.

Color Schemes

The color of your landing pages defines what your website means. When you apply the right colors, you might get more viewers and drive more traffic.

Defining the color scheme for different CTAs according to the sites:


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Yellow is used to attract the customer’s attraction. It means youthful and optimistic.


Red symbolizes energy. You often see red on references to food and clearance sales. Moreover, reading also creates a sense of urgency.


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Blue is often used in professional areas such as banks. It induces a sense of security and trust.


Green is connected with wealth. It is generally associated with entertainment websites and finance.


Orange is most-commonly used as an attention grabber and for CTA buttons. It usually symbolizes aggressiveness.


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Pink is feminine and romantic. It is used to promote and market women’s products and services.


Black is sleek and powerful. It is seen as sophisticated and luxurious.


Purple is calm and soothing. You can find many anti-aging and beauty products in a purple color.

You should pick the color that goes with the content of your website. Also, always go for colors that make your text readable. For example, go for a light-colored background and dark-colored text to enhance the readability.

Additional Tips To Add Infographics To Your Landing Page

The topics mentioned above form the central part of the landing pages. However, there are some additional tips and tricks which you can use to enhance the visual quality of your landing page.

Form Building

Almost every landing page is equipped with a form that asks for the customer’s information. Many studies show that less form means more customers. If you increase the form, it will act as an obstacle between the customers and CTA. Ultimately, you will lose your potential customers.

Remove Site Navigation

When you create a landing page, you should remove any slight possibility for your customer to visit another page. If you remove site navigation, the customers will direct their attention to the landing page only.

Create An Urgency Countdown Timer

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Urgency defines that something is very crucial and requires immediate attention. The customers fear missing out on the services you are providing, so they will immediately convert to become leads.

This technique works when some products or services are available for a limited time.

Typography And Font Size

Using the right typography and font size makes your text readable and render accurately on the internet. Mostly sans serif fonts are used while creating landing pages as it is easy to read even on smartphones.

The most common font size is 12 pt; anything below that will make it difficult to read. You can go up to 17-18 pt for headlines, and for normal texts, go as per your content demands.

Why Is The Need To Optimize Your Landing Page

Landing pages convert your customers into leads in order to improve the lead conversion rates, but they are also the stage when conversion rates are most susceptible to rejection. That is one reason why the optimization of landing pages is important.  Let us take a look at more reasons to optimize your landing pages:

·         A well-developed landing page can build trust and confidence among the customers.

·         Improve the usability of your site.

·         Landing pages eliminate distractions and provide specific CTA.

·         Increase conversion rates.

·         Increase the rate of investment campaigns.

Final Thoughts

If you want to improve your landing page’s conversion rate, you need to grab the customer’s attention. That can only happen if you make your landing page visually appealing by using different tricks and techniques.

This is one of our specialties, just take a look at our portfolio of graphic design for businesses.

Visuals entice excitement within the customers compared to texts. Therefore, you should design infographics for landing pages. We hope this article has answered all your questions about designing an outstanding landing page to increase your chances to find your potential customers.

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