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Top 10 Free AI Email Generator Tools

Writing is an art; it truly is. You may not realize the extent to which writing can impact people’s minds, particularly when it influences, informs, and inspires. Email writing is a skill worth developing. However, do you find it challenging to find the right words and content for your emails? That’s where artificial intelligence comes in.

In this fast-paced technological era, people are continually striving to make life easier. The introduction of AI has simplified this. AI is now unavoidable. From scheduling phone calls to writing content and drafting emails, you can utilize free AI to simplify your otherwise tight and hectic work life.

In this article, we will discuss about

  • AI email generators
  • Best free AI email generator tools
  • The benefits of AI email generator

If you have a need to write professional and engaging emails, this article is for you. I’ve included a list of top AI email generators that are completely free. Read to know more.

What is an AI Email Generator?

free ai email generator tools


  • AI email generators can save you time and effort by automatically crafting personal and professional emails based on provided instructions or prompts.
  • These various AI tools analyze language patterns and predict outcomes to tailor emails to individual needs or use cases, facilitating personalized and grammatically correct communication that enhances email marketing strategies.


AI is transforming our daily lives with a positive impact on our perceptions, skills, and time management. AI email generators powered by artificial intelligence assist in crafting engaging and impactful emails. These tools automatically generate emails based on instructions or prompts provided. They are invaluable in saving time and effort, enabling the creation of multiple emails quickly, even for those with writing skills.

These software programs operate by analyzing language patterns and predicting outcomes, allowing them to tailor emails to individual needs or use cases. Email generators serve various purposes, from customer outreach to nurturing marketing campaigns and communicating with superiors. They facilitate the creation of personalized, grammatically correct emails, increasing the likelihood of recipient engagement. This streamlines the email writing process, saving time and effort and enhancing email marketing strategies. There is a writing tool that helps users generate an email with the tone of voice in the user’s mind. Here is a list of top-powered email writing tools that help you write emails.

10 Free AI Email Generator Tools For Email Writing

Here is the top list of free AI email writer tools.

1. GPT-3


GPT-3, known as ChatGPT, is an AI writing tool developed by OpenAI, a leading AI research lab. It provides powerful writing assistance by generating human-like content from scratch based on individual prompts and ideas. To use it, you simply input a prompt containing the information intended for your email, including the recipient and desired tone. GPT-3 comprises advanced language models, allowing users to draft emails with humanized content and fewer grammatical errors. You can customize the tone, whether formal or informal, according to your preference and generate personalized emails.

2. is another widely popular AI writing tool utilizing the GPT-3 model from OpenAI. Users can test the best AI email tool without signing up or accessing features such as sales email generation, cold email generation, and marketing email generation. However, the free plan has a 2000-word limit and limited features. To use the sales and cold email generators, a LinkedIn profile and a brief product description are required. The AI generator presents a cold email and review, though it doesn’t provide multiple variations, allowing you to tweak the given email before sending it to your prospect. It is a tool that helps you generate high-quality content quickly, write a blog, and write and respond to emails based on your input.  This can improve your email marketing efforts.

3. HubSpot AI Email Writer

Hubspot ai email writer

HubSpot’s AI tool enables you to engage customers and attract new audiences by effortlessly generating fresh, high-value content. It streamlines the process of creating customized automatic emails for your clients, minimizing the need for time, effort, or advanced writing skills. However, signing up is required to access HubSpot’s dedicated AI email copy generator. This tool produces tailored email copy for your company, avoiding generic content, and allows for the editing of marketing emails. It also checks grammar, proofreads your copy, and creates content optimized for SEO.

4. Ryter

Ryter email tool

Ryter AI is another AI-powered email writer that empowers individuals to create content regardless of their writing experience. It is user-friendly and requires minimal effort to generate email copy for your prospects. Ryter also assists in crafting email responses, enabling users to select the desired emotional tone for their content. The AI ensures that the response aligns with the user’s intended message and generates plagiarism-free content. Users can edit and customize the generated content and download it as a DOC file.

5. Ghostwrite


Ghostwrite is an email writing assistant AI tool designed to help users draft high-conversion emails quickly. It automates and enhances various aspects of email composition according to the user’s intention. The tool incorporates grammar and spelling correction capabilities, ensuring polished and error-free communication in email creation. Notably, Ghostwrite allows users to save and reuse their AI-generated email templates for future use, saving time and overcoming creative blocks.

6. Folk

Folk email writer

Folk is a free AI email generator designed specifically for sales and recruitment purposes. It’s an ideal tool for HR, marketing, and sales teams. Along with email generation, Folk offers specialized pipeline management and workflow automation. To use Folk, simply fill out a simple form with your name, recipient, subject, and tone preferences, and the AI will compose an email tailored to your needs. Unlike other generators, Folk doesn’t allow you to generate high-quality versions from the same form; you need to fill out a new form for each new version.

7. Highperformr


Highperformr is another free AI tool that assists individuals in drafting and responding to emails across various use cases, with a specialization in CRM. It generates quality emails that generate leads for marketing and sales teams. Users can select their intent, such as marketing, freestyle, or sales, and choose options that best describe their email vision. You can easily generate engaging email campaigns and revolutionize your email marketing with the help of the Highperformr tool.

8. MailMeteor


MailMeteor is an AI email expert known for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Users input a prompt into a single box, and within minutes, the AI generates the required email. For example, the prompt could be about sending a marketing email promoting a new product or highlighting a service. After generation, users can edit and review the new email. However, MailMeteor doesn’t provide multiple variations for the email; customization is done according to the user’s needs.

9. Yamm


Yamm is an easy-to-use AI email writing tool that marketers prefer. It focuses solely on email writing services, providing humanized email content. The free tool allows users to generate two email variations and customize them without requiring an account registration. However, there is a limited number of 50 recipients per day when using the free plan under the individual category. It helps you write and generate emails and social media content based on keywords.

10. WriteMail


WriteMail is a tool that allows users to utilize AI without the need to sign up for an account. The AI email generator swiftly drafts email copies by simply providing the recipient’s name, the purpose of the email, and the desired tone. This streamlined process accelerates email writing by generating polished copies instantly. Users can choose from a variety of voices and customize the type, length, and language of their emails. WriteMail supports multilingual capabilities and features an assistant that double-checks emails for mistakes or corrections, ensuring accuracy and professionalism.

The Benefits of Using AI Tools For Email Marketing

Benefits of using free AI email writing tool

The digital world is evolving day by day, so it’s essential to have all the necessary tools to survive in this AI-dominated environment. The way artificial intelligence is changing the perception of communication is remarkable. We’ve witnessed a significant shift in communication, technology, and business growth. So, how can free email generator tools benefit you? Here’s how:

Overcoming writer’s block: A free email writer generator guides you to compose different types of emails with quality content and free of mistakes. This can help you overcome creative blocks by suggesting content ideas and providing you with the right prompts for your business.

Improved email quality: Email generators powered by AI can help you draft emails that are clear, concise, and grammatically correct. They can help you effectively convey messages and suggest relevant phrases and terminology to enhance your writing skills. This showcases professionalism and helps you create impactful emails.

Enhanced productivity: Email generator tools can increase your productivity by automating the drafting process. These AI-powered tools can save you time, effort, and work.

Tailored to your preference: Email generator tools easily analyze user preferences and even audience characteristics to compose emails that resonate with them. This boosts the conversion rate and improves overall engagement.

Multilingual support: All these free AI tools support multiple languages, positively impacting users’ ability to communicate effectively with a global audience. This capability of AI email generators can enhance your international business prospects.

To Wrap Up

Software and platforms powered by Artificial Intelligence are here to stay. It’s time for your business or as an individual to step into the world of free AI-powered tools that can help boost your efficiency. I hope this list of free AI email generator tools helps you in crafting powerful emails. These are all my personal favorite email-generating assistants. They are user-friendly and can compose emails according to your preferences within minutes. You can compare and choose the right one for your business or individual needs. Now, you don’t need to sweat when your boss asks you to write a cold email; you can confidently provide multiple variations using these free tools. So, happy emailing!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a free AI that writes emails?

There are many AI email generator software options available online for both individuals and businesses. Some of these free tools include GPT-3, HubSpot’s free AI email writer, Ghostwriter, MailMeteor, Ryter, and more. These tools assist in composing effective emails once you provide the prompt, helping you write clear and concise emails for your work.

2. Can Gmail detect AI writing?

There’s a slight probability that Gmail can detect some content in your email is being generated by AI. AI-written content can be unique up to a certain point. Even after your email is generated by a tool, you should review the content before sending it out. Make sure to add a human touch and not make it look like it’s fully AI-written.

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