race car graphics design templates

The Ultimate Guide to Race Car Graphics Design Templates

Ask a child to draw a car, and certainly, he will draw it in red

– Enzo Ferrari

We’ve all seen the striking, high-tech racing cars that whizz past awed spectators, requiring specialized high-speed cameras just to capture an image of them. The time these cars take to finish the race is measured to the thousandth of a decimal place – because sometimes even a millisecond is enough to declare somebody the winner.

Car racing is a fast-paced, exciting, and exhilarating world, valued at around $5-6 billion dollars. It just goes to show how much people love to immerse themselves in this community.

The branding and design of these cars give them a prominent look, and these beloved cars appear on posters, advertisements, merchandise, etc.

In this article, we will be

  • seeing why racing graphics matter
  • looking at iconic race cars and their graphics
  • exploring race car graphic templates

So, if you are trying to understand how race car graphics design templates matter, you’ve come to the right place. Read more about it now.

What are Race Car Graphics Design Templates, and Why Do They Matter?

what are race car graphics design templates


  • Race car appearance is crucial for distinguishing racing cars traveling at high speeds, necessitating intricate design and modification for unique identities.
  • Iconic race cars are ingrained in history, with enthusiasts recognizing winning cars by their distinct design elements such as body style, graphics, stripes, and more.
  • Race car graphics templates provide pre-designed outlines, aiding designers and teams in aligning the design process with branding and marketing strategies.

Now, when cars are going over 250 km/h, it becomes challenging to identify them if they all look similar. That’s why the appearance of these cars must be carefully designed and modified to give them their own identity. A supercar must have a design that’s worthy of its status.

Race cars are enshrined in legend and history. Enthusiasts can identify a winning race car by a single picture, even among dozens of others that look similar. There have been iconic cars, and every detail about their design is crucially important to their identity – from the body to the stripes down to even the design of the wheels.

Race car graphics templates are nothing more than pre-designed layouts or basic frameworks that serve as the starting point for graphic design. These templates are typically digital files that can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and contours of a race car. Race car graphics templates are commonly used by professional graphic designers and race teams to streamline the design process, making it easier to visualize how the graphics will look on the car and ensuring that they match the overall marketing and branding efforts.

The template typically includes:

Body panels: The race car graphics design templates are typically segmented into different sections corresponding to the various panels of the race car, such as the hood, doors, side panels, and rear.

Sponsor logos: Space is allocated within the template for adding brand names, promotional messaging, and marketing sponsor logos.

Design elements: The template may also incorporate patterns, stripes, or other visual elements such as colors and number graphics to create customized, unique race car graphics.

Team name and numbers: Certain areas are differentiated within the template for displaying the driver’s name, racing number, or team for identification purposes.

mclaren red car
Image by Gorguy Kane from Pixabay

The above image shows the McLaren MP4/4, an iconic car, if there ever was one. It has been said to be one of the most successful Formula 1 engine designs of all time and even won an award for the greatest Formula One Car of all time. Today, its red and white design is held sacred by racing lovers. You can also see how the design was used for branding purposes – the way the red and white reminds a viewer of a pack of Marlboro is uncanny.

Now, let’s look at some iconic race car templates.

Late Model

late model race car graphics design template

Late model racing is a huge hit in the country, with many trending designs being done on late-model race cars using specialty vinyl such as multi-lens holographic, fluorescent vinyl, or standard vinyl. You can mix and match these with other printed graphics to make your late model stand out from the crowd.

Sportsman Late Model

sportsman late model race car graphics design templates

In sportsman late model racing, it’s important for the car to attract the attention of your sponsors. Sportsman late models are popular among the crowd, and their race car graphics can include a variety of different design elements. This includes decals, stickers with customized paint, vinyl graphic wraps, and high-gloss vinyl clear laminate for extra protection on the car’s surface. This can also include digitally printed graphics

Asphalt Late Model

asphalt late model race car graphics design templates

Asphalt late-model cars come in various bodies and styles, with the appearance greatly enhanced by a good base body style and well-designed graphics that convey speed. Some of the race car graphics commonly seen on asphalt late models include number designs and grayscale graphics that run straight along the side of the model.

Dragster Race Car

dragster race car graphics design templates

For dragster race cars, the exterior is decorated with visual elements to enhance appearance, communicate sponsorship branding, and promote the driver’s identity. Common design elements used on dragster race cars include sponsor logos, vinyl wraps with large adhesive graphics, striping, and pinstriping along the body panels, among others.

Dirt Modified Race Car Graphics

dirt modified race car graphics design templates

Dirt modified racing is widely popular today, with several different rules and body packages available for this type of car. Various design tools are used to decorate the car for a great show and draw crowds. It can be expensive to build and complete the race car graphics. Today, there are different interactive designs for modified forms in dirt racing.

Sprint Car Template

sprint car race car graphics design templates

Sprint car racing is filled with excitement, adventure, and lots of racing. Sprint car graphics cover the body style in a unique way. Unlike stock cars, sprint cars have smaller areas for sponsor names, making it harder to design in a way where the sponsor’s name stands out. Bold and vibrant color vinyl is used for race car graphics, making them visually appealing in short-track oval racing.

To Wrap Up

The race car industry offers a dynamic and adrenaline-rushing environment with numerous opportunities for graphic design work. From the basic modifications needed to establish unique identities for high-speed racing cars to the recognition of players and sponsors on iconic designs, there is a vast realm of creative potential within this industry.

Race car graphics templates are pre-designed templates that help assign designs to different race car bodies, protecting and decorating them in the most visually appealing way. This, along with the blend of speed, innovation, and branding, can elevate a race car’s fame and connect it with sponsors. Race car graphics templates can be created with the help of professional graphic designers. At Graphically, we have in-house quality designers who can provide you with powerful and striking designs. Contact us for more information.


What is race car graphics design?

Race car graphics refer to the visual designs and decals applied to race cars to make them more visually appealing. These graphics often include sponsor logos, team names, numbers, and other decorative elements. Professional graphic designers and race teams often use race car graphics templates to make designing easier. These templates help them see how the graphics will look on the car and ensure they match the overall marketing and branding plans.

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