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Not only has Twitch permanently changed the way we view and consume content online and the way we interact with content creators, but Twitch’s growth has also created an opportunity for anybody with a webcam and a dream to put themselves in front of the world.

The way that an audience perceives a streamer and their personality will have an impact on the streamer’s growth, what type of community they cultivate, and whether or not they’re able to capture people’s attention in the first place. How do you want to be perceived by your potential viewers?

It’s all about attention. This quest to capture attention and viewers extends beyond a streamer’s personality, which games they play, or how they behave on stream. The overall aesthetic and style of your stream (your Twitch profile banner, your Twitch offline banner, your stream overlays, etc.) are all tools that you should be using to your advantage.

Throwing together something quick and amateur might work for streamers that embrace a scuffed way of doing things, but if you want to be a professional streamer, then you’re going to have to give yourself every advantage that you can stand out from the crowd…

What About Stock Twitch Graphics?

Using stock Twitch graphics that you download from some random website means your stream will look like everyone else’s. Furthermore, you can’t really be sure that you even have the right to use those images.

You don’t want to wake up to a DMCA or any other action taken against your stream, especially when you’re just starting out, and money’s tight. With custom graphics from us, you know that they belong to you, that you own them 100%, and that you have every right to use them without any worries.

We want you to have a unique stream, a unique brand, and to really stick in people’s minds. If someone visits your stream one time and then sees you again in the future, we want them to be like, “Oh yeah! I remember this place!” Make your stream comfortable, cozy, and memorable. Do you know why companies like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola advertise so much and sponsor so many events, even though everybody has heard of them? To create familiarity. In your own smaller way, you can do that too.

When someone stumbles across your stream, we want them to hit that follow button and, better yet, to feel like they’re getting enough high-quality entertainment from you to warrant hitting the subscribe button, too.

Getting somebody to find your stream for the first time is tricky enough, but once they find it – wouldn’t it be nice if they decided to stick around? That’s what we want to happen, and something tells us that’s what you want to happen, too – right? So let’s make it happen.

The Truth about DIY Twitch Banners

Something really interesting happens when we (any person in the world) create something. Often, they’ll have a certain bias towards our own creations. We see the effort and the love that went into it, whether it’s a song we’ve recorded for our Soundcloud, graphic design for a business or project, or even something like cooking a meal.

There’s a certain bias that people have for things they’ve created themselves, sometimes. It’s good to be proud of your work, but it’s even more important to be realistic about your abilities.

Now, we’re not saying you aren’t an incredible mumble rapper, a gourmet cook, or a brilliant graphic artist. But unless you’ve actually practiced those disciplines and understand the underlying philosophies and all of the intricacies and decisions that go on behind the scenes to create something great, there’s a good chance that your creations might not be quite as good as you think they are.

Just because you can fire up Photoshop and move some things around, that doesn’t mean that you have designed a good Twitch banner. Granted, it doesn’t mean they’re bad either, but it takes quite an ego to think that you can whip up something quickly on your own that will be in the same stratosphere as a professional.

Not to brag, but we have a team of experienced pros who have dedicated their careers to design, the principles of design, and what it takes to make things look amazing. No comment on their mumble-rapping abilities, though.

You probably don’t want to perform amateur dentistry on yourself, nor would you try to rebuild your car’s engine without any experience. We trust the experts in these professions because there are a lot of things that a layman just can’t understand.

Not everybody knows how to make cool logos – but we’ve got it covered!

When it comes to design, we are the experts and you can trust us. 

If the success of a streaming career is influenced, even in some tiny way, by the visual aspects that will either attract or deter viewers, why not give that same reverence to the skill of graphic design? Just because you can make something yourself, that doesn’t mean you should.

Min/Max Your Time and Efforts Like Your Stream Was a Strategy Game

One thing we’ve heard from a handful of streamers is that they try to treat it like a game. This makes sense since a lot of the top streamers are also skilled gamers. It stands to reason that they see many things in life through the lens of gaming. Now, we won’t mean this in the sense of not taking it seriously but rather in the sense of trying to optimize things as much as possible so that their time and efforts are used as effectively as they can be. When you’re watching a big streamer, you only see them while they’re on camera, but there’s a lot of work, strategy, and planning that goes on behind the scenes.

A successful streaming career involves networking, planning, negotiating with sponsors, going to events, and a lot more. If you can do a lot of this stuff in the most efficient way possible, taking up the least amount of time, you can spend more time actually streaming, which is the bread and butter of a streaming career, no matter how much other work goes on.

If you’re not a great designer, you could spend all day or even a week trying to tweak your graphics, only to end up with something that’s so-so. Sure, you’ll save a bit of money compared to hiring a pro Twitch background creator, but you won’t be helping yourself or doing your stream’s aesthetics any favors.

On the other hand, what if you could have a professional designer create a gorgeous graphic package for you, and you could spend that time growing your stream and working on the things you’re best at? An extra few hours of networking and outreach could help your stream considerably more than a so-so-looking graphic you rigged together.

Hiring a Banner Maker for Twitch

At Graphically, we have tons of experience making all types of graphics for all sorts of businesses and online ventures. Our service gives you unlimited graphic design on a monthly basis. You can get your channel’s entire graphics package created by us, including extras and special banners for events or things you want to promote. We’ll update your graphics anytime you need it. If the image dimensions of a Twitch profile or custom banner ever change, we’ll be there to update it for you.

If you decide it’s time for a new aesthetic on your stream, you don’t have to go and hire an entirely new designer or create a big new invoice. We offer an unlimited graphic design service which means that you can submit order after order for whatever design work you need for your stream.

Many streamers are fantastic entertainers but aren’t as savvy when it comes to business. That’s not a slight towards them at all, and this holds true in many creative fields. That’s why actors, comedians, singers – they hire people to manage that side of things for them, so they can focus on their craft. Sometimes, it feels like the larger streamers are becoming successful despite being so disorganized, scuffed, and not on top of things. This is partly due to this being such a new field, such a new path… those who strike early and strike hard will have a better chance at rising to the top.

Many streamers are fantastic entertainers, but aren’t as savvy when it comes to business. That’s not a slight towards them at all, and this holds true in many creative fields. That’s why actors, comedians, singers – they hire people to manage that side of things for them, so they can focus on their craft. Sometimes, it feels like the larger streamers are becoming successful despite being so disorganized, scuffed, and not on top of things. This is partly due to this being such a new field, such a new path… those who strike early and strike hard will have a better chance at rising to the top.

Being even slightly on top of things, putting in even that little bit of extra effort, and being business-savvy can give you a leg up. It’s hard for a business to succeed without ever hiring anybody, but hiring becomes an entirely new skill set, especially when it comes to art and design.

Design consulting firms aren’t always the best place to go, especially when you’re just trying to run your stream, not a Fortune 500 company.

We take away all of the major barriers to hiring a great graphic designer. You simply tell us what you’d like, and we’ll assign it to one of our skilled design professionals, and they’ll submit their ideas to you. You’ll work with us to ensure that you’re in love with the final design. You can make suggestions and request revisions – and it’s never a problem. It’s what we do.

If you like what you see, you’re all set. If it’s not what you had in mind, simply request a revision, and they’ll keep going until it’s absolutely perfect. Traditional designers and freelancers might start to get a bit annoyed at a lot of revisions, but we plan for it with our unique model that gives you unlimited graphics and revisions.

We’re doing something very different here, and we’re shaking things up and changing how all of this works, which is kind of what streamers themselves are doing in the world of online entertainment and media. It’s a match made in heaven!

What About Using a Twitch Banner Template?

There are plenty of free Twitch banner templates out there for banners and other graphical elements of your profile. These free customizable Twitch banner templates can help give you at least a somewhat cohesive design, but the problem is that your Twitch profile banner and your Twitch offline banner are going to end up looking the same as everybody else’s who used the same template.

You might as well get the same hairstyle as them, start talking the same as them, start playing the same games as them… We would rather see you differentiate yourself, though, even if you don’t call on us to help make it happen. You’re unique, and your stream presence deserves the effort.

5 Ways To Use Your Twitch Banners Better

The banners aren’t just there for aesthetics and style and to show off a bit of your personality, even though that’s what we’ve harped on the most thus far.

These banners have real utility to them; they are tools that you should be using. They can help grow your stream, they can help make you money from sponsors, and they can bring together a better sense of community. Does that sound exaggerated or unrealistic? That’s fair to think, but check this out…

Do you have a logo for your stream? This is, of course, a good place to highlight it. Oh, you don’t have a logo yet? No problem, we can make one of those for you, too. And it won’t cost you any extra since we offer a flat rate for unlimited designs. You didn’t think we just did cool Twitch banners, did you? If it’s graphic design, we do it. This also includes graphics if you make a website for your stream, banners, and logos for your other social media accounts, and more.

2. Shoutout your sponsors

Your channel is going to get some number of impressions when you’re not online, and that gives value to your offline banner. People will see it. It may not be much for smaller streamers, but it’s something. A spot on your banner is something you can negotiate into your deals with sponsors, or it may already be baked in. In any case, this shows there is at least some value to it.

3. Promote your social media

Is Twitch the only platform you’re working on growing? If so, that’s a mistake 10 out of 10 times. At the very least, you should be working on a minimum of one additional platform besides Twitch. It’s much easier to grow a Twitter or Instagram when you have a Twitch following, and the same applies to the other direction, meaning it’s much easier to grow your Twitch if you have a following on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Twitch probably won’t be around forever, so when a new streaming platform emerges, do you want to start over from scratch or have a place like Twitter where your followers can keep in touch and get updated? What if you get banned from Twitch? You’ll have no way to contact your audience.

4. Have a cohesive brand

Speaking of social media and other platforms, your graphic style and branding should match from one to the other. Different platforms like Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord… all have different opportunities for graphics to be used; they all have different sizing requirements and their own subtleties. Again, with our unlimited design package, you can get graphics made for every platform that is custom-tailored to fit that platform perfectly.

If the design and appearance of your YouTube channel look entirely different than your Twitch channel, which looks entirely different than any other platform you appear on, you would be much better off with a single style to use across each platform.

5. Change It Up Sometimes

This might count as a contradiction to the previous point of having a cohesive brand identity – but hear us out. When you have our unlimited Twitch graphic design service at your fingertips, you can add little flourishes to customize your graphic package. For example, add a little Christmas tree and some snow to your graphics during the winter, or add some pumpkins and spiderwebs to your overlay during Halloween. You get the idea.

If you start playing a new game and you want to stand out in the Twitch directory, you can use images from that game in your graphics, too. The point we’re trying to hammer home is that you have the freedom to get creative, to stand out, and we’re here to empower you to make that happen.

Quick Reference: Best Twitch Image Sizes

This next section serves to highlight just how many opportunities there are to use your custom graphics on Twitch alone before we even think about other platforms. Here are the best-practice sizes to use for various graphics on Twitch, in case you decide to take a swing at this on your own.

Twitch Panel Size

Your Twitch panels are the images for the sections like “About Me,” “Schedule,” “Donations,” and so on.

320×160 is a good Twitch panel size to use. You can make it taller or shorter if you want.

Twitch Offline Banner Size & Overlay

Your offline banner takes up the screen when you’re not around. This is also the same size to use for your main Twitch overlay, like a border that surrounds your stream.

1920 x 1080 is the correct Twitch offline banner size to use.

Twitch Profile Banner Size

Your profile banner appears at the top of your stream page. It can be used to show off your logo, upload your channel artwork, display sponsor logos, and a lot more.

1200 x 380 is the size to use for your Twitch banner.

What about a Free Banner Maker for Twitch?

If you scour Reddit and Discord and forums, you’ll stumble across a free Twitch banner maker who is offering their design services for free. These are usually students or people looking to learn graphic design.

Sometimes, they’ll do a half-decent job; other times, it’s an atrocity, and you’re stuck with that awkward moment where you have to be like, “Hey.. uhh, thanks, but… I think I’ll go in another direction…” and you’re right back at square one.

That’s if you don’t end up waiting week after week, month after month, hearing, “I’ll try to finish it soon; I’ve just been really busy.” It’s really easy for free work like this to get put on the back burner. Meanwhile, you’re stuck in limbo instead of growing your stream.

These people, while generous, are – by definition – not professionals. We, on the other hand, are offering professional Twitch banners and graphic designs from our experienced team.

We’ve talked to streamers who take their streams seriously but also work regular jobs in the meantime, and they want to grow their streams during their free time. They don’t want to spend that time working on graphic design, especially if they aren’t professional designers and they understand the value of investing in themselves.

Does that sound like you? Let’s chat. With design and everything else, you get what you pay for, but we’ve managed to put together a very competitively-priced package compared to other graphic design services out there. Shop around, and you’ll see what we mean! Just like you, we want to grow and expand, and that means doing great work and having you recommend us to your friends, your viewers, etc.

Finding a Twitch Profile Banner Maker & Twitch Offline Banner Maker

If you take anything out of this write-up, it should be that it’s very important to have a nice graphic design, including a stunning Twitch banner for your Twitch stream and your other social platforms, too. Everyone will have their own definition of “nice,” but it’s easy to spot the people who put in the extra effort for professional designs, and it’s instantly apparent to viewers that those people take their streams seriously enough to put in the effort.

If you would like to have one of our expert Twitch background makers create and edit a complete graphics package for you, take a look at our monthly plans. These plans include unlimited revisions, edits, and new graphics whenever you need them.

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