Graphically Is a Better Alternative To Design Pickle. Penji, and Delesign

There are many creative services now that are competing for your graphic design work, and we’re here to tell you what sets us apart from the rest of them.

We’ve worked tirelessly to create a service that builds on the subscription model while offering significantly more value at a significantly lower price. Instead of stopping there, we have also added unique features that other companies simply don’t (or can’t) offer to their subscribers.

For example, all of our staff are hired and work in person rather than outsourcing. This allows us to meet each designer to ensure they meet our company values and makes for a much better work environment where graphic designers can collaborate on your projects, communicate effectively, and enjoy a sense of community at our office. It comes through in their work, we promise!

Beyond that, we’re also proud to be the only option that offers video creation in our standard package at no extra cost. It’s one thing to make illustrations for you, but we’ll actually put them in motion so they can capture and captivate the attention of your clients and potential customers.

An Introduction: What Is Graphically?

Graphically is a subscription design service. We can create everything from logos, social media graphics, Twitch banners, t-shirts for sports teams, product packaging, and everything else you might need for a business.

From traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to online stores and publishers, coaching management software companies, and everything in between- we cater to a diverse range of clients and industries.

Benefits of Graphically

While developing the Graphically service, we looked very closely at what each of our competitors was offering, and we made sure to beat them in every single category. Aiming to be as good as them was never in our plans; we wanted to be better from the start. Not just a little bit better, but significantly better.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what makes Graphically one of the best alternatives to Design Pickle and other design subscription services, and then we’ll get into more detailed specifics about each of them.

Affordable: Many smaller startups and small businesses can’t afford the hefty price tags of our competitors. In the past, since there was not much competition, those competitors they could get away with charging an arm and a leg.

But now we are here to stir things up and to make design affordable for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Professional design team: Our team of designers are masters of their craft, they have studied the principles of design, and they have a lot of real-world practice and experience to back up their education.

In-house designers: We don’t outsource to random designers in all different parts of the world. Our team of designers all work together in one location. They communicate, share advice, and as our client, you’ll have the benefit of many professional designers at your beck and call. We meet our designers in person before they’re hired.

Video production: We offer animated videos along with whiteboard explainer videos. Most subscription design companies don’t offer video at all, and the ones that do will charge you extra for it. For us, it’s included, even in our most basic plan.

Alternative to Design Pickle

Design Pickle helped bring the concept of an unlimited graphic design service to the masses, and they deserve credit for that. However, their packages aren’t perfect.

On the surface, you’ll notice that Design Pickle can be quite expensive. That’s the first thing that stands out when you compare them. But the more you dig in, the more you’ll realize some of their other issues.

Design Pickle vs Graphically: A Quick Rundown

Are you just looking for the key facts to compare Design Pickle to Graphically, a fantastic Design Pickle alternative? No problem, here’s exactly what you’re looking for, so that you can compare these two services at a glance.

The Pricing Structure

Design Pickle’s homepage shows off that they have some absolutely massive corporate clients, like companies that make billions of dollars each year. These are companies that can easily afford to pay Design Pickle at least $499-$995 per month without even blinking an eye.

They charge $499 for their most basic and limited package. The types of design work are limited in this plan, the turnaround time is slower, and it’ll be a lot more difficult to get your money’s worth (even though you’re paying a decent amount higher). Additionally, if you want motion graphics and presentation design, you will need to sign up for their $1695/mo plan.

Moreover, the service offers “unlimited design requests,” which confuses some people. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to get tons of extra design work; it just means that they’ll let you build up a longer queue. They’re still only working on one task at a time.

On the other hand, our Standard plan at Graphically is only $299 per month, which includes one design task at a time, which is significantly less than that what Design Pickle graphic design charges for their basic plan. Even our Standard plan includes animated videos and whiteboard videos at no additional cost.

For an additional $50, you can get our Premium plan, which is still way lesser than the cost of Design Pickle’s most basic offering. It includes everything that our Standard plan includes, plus we’ll have three of your tasks being worked on at the same time instead of just one.

If you just need one task at a time, a year of our service will cost you well around $3,000 compared to $4788 – $11,940 with Design Pickle, and they don’t even offer custom video creation, which we do, even in our cheapest plan.


Design Pickle compares themselves to companies like Uber and Door Dash which are using the gig economy; essentially, they sit in-between freelance designs and your business, and they charge a large fee for connecting you to them.

We’ve found that in the structure outlined above, there tends to be a higher churn rate, and designers won’t necessarily take their “side gig” as seriously as one of our full-time, staffed designers does.

We have a team of experienced designers who work for us. They are focused on giving our subscribers the best possible designs each and every time. They’re attentive, easy to work with, and happy to stick with until you’re 100% satisfied with your new designs.

The Quality

When speaking of the quality of designs that you can expect from Design Pickle, it’s all over the map. One day, you might get something pretty nice if you’re lucky, but the next day the quality might drop off a cliff.

Here’s a review from TrustPilot that compares the quality of work they received from Design Pickle to something from Fiverr:

The reason for this could be due to the size and scale of Design Pickle. They’re huge, and they’ve recently raised 25 million dollars in funding. Growing that quickly can mean they can’t be as picky or choosy when bringing designers into their ecosystem, which means there’s going to be a lot of misses for every hit.

They certainly have some number of designers who do solid work for them, but at that size, there’s a lot of room for things to slip through the cracks, and that’s just not acceptable for you to have to deal with.

The nature and scale of their operation mean there are a lot of different designers working on a lot of different projects, and it’s hard to maintain a consistent brand identity and design language.

In contrast, our in-house team is trained to deliver high-quality and consistent work. The consistency part is very important in maintaining your brand’s design language.

Alternative to

Penji is another often-cited Design Pickle alternative because they’re quite similar, which means they also have the same issues as Design Pickle. Therefore, we’re still a more competitive option for the vast majority of use cases among small to medium-sized businesses, organizations, and, frankly, anyone who needs high-quality designs without breaking the bank.

Though there are similarities between Graphically and Penji in the sense that they’re both subscription-based graphic design services and many of the broad benefits of this type of service are met by both, that’s where the similarities end.

Penji vs Graphically: The Quick Facts

Here’s a quick overview of the key differences and distinctions between what we offer at Graphically and what Penji brings to the table.

Now, let’s compare Graphically vs. Penji in some of the most important areas and see how Graphically is a better Penji alternative:

The Pricing Structure:

Penji’s offering starts at $499 per month, or a little bit less per month if you commit to paying for an entire year upfront. Only two people are allowed to access the app on this plan, so if you have a team working with you, you’ll need to upgrade to their $997 plan right out of the gates. This is far more expensive than flat monthly fee we charge at Graphically, and they offer less than us.

Penji’s $499 plan doesn’t even cover illustrations or designs for websites and apps. Once again, you’ll need to upgrade and spend nearly an extra $500 per month for that.

Moreover, if you want the folks at Penji to work on more than one project at a time, you’re going to need to sign up for their $ 997-per-month plan. On the other hand, our $349 plan allows you to make unlimited requests and have three tasks being worked on at a time.

So, Penji charges nearly 3x as much for two concurrent tasks, and we charge almost a third of their price for three concurrent tasks. We’re giving you 33% more output for a third of the price. You don’t have to be a math wizard to see the difference here.

On top of that, Penji also doesn’t offer video services, which we include in all of our plans for no additional charge. If you order just 1-2 videos a month with the rest of your graphic and web design, from Graphically, you’re already more than paying for the value of your subscription with the videos alone. With some freelancers or design firms, a single video can cost hundreds of dollars, and we’ll create multiple videos for you, and unlimited graphic design, every single month.

Penji also touts features like “unlimited graphic design services,” “unlimited design projects,” “unlimited brand buckets,” and “illustrations,” but these are regular, normal features for us – hardly anything to brag about. Of course, we’ll allow you to create graphics for more than one brand, shouldn’t something as basic as that go without saying? Apparently not!

Team and Infrastructure

Penji boasts about using A.I. to connect their customers with designers so that their customer doesn’t end up with “the wrong designer.”

In response to a negative Penji review on TrustPilot, Penji said, “There are times where we hit home runs and knock the design project out of the park. Then there are times where it’s just simply [a] mismatch of styles and poor pairing with the designer that worked on your project.”

We would rather do this manually to avoid those types of issues instead of However, we believe that the best way to implement artificial intelligence is to use AI development services professionals.

At Graphically, we have a team of expert in-house designers who work for us directly. In other words, we’re not just connecting you with freelancers and seeing where things land.

We hire the best designers we can find, and then we train them meticulously in our processes and system, and then we unleash them to do their best work on all of your projects.

Quality of Our Work

There are horror stories of people paying thousand dollars per month or more for design services, only to discover that the work they’re getting back looks like something you could get on Fiverr for a few dollars.

Here’s a review of Penji from TrustPilot: “I had 3 designers that I loved. For some reason, the company stopped pairing me with them. I begged for them to come back but they all got promoted. It sucks, and it’s unfair to paying customers.”

Penji’s response included: “I’m sure we can match you with several qualified designers. I can’t guarantee that they’ll be “as good,” given the 3 you worked with were exceptional. ” 

Here’s another of the Penji reviews from a user on TrustPilot: “Miss after miss. Just couldn’t understand me in the first month. Was frustrating because I had such high hopes.”

Penji’s response started with: “Sometimes this happens. And it’s ok,” before continuing on to remind the user that when you get matched with a mediocre designer, you can switch to a new designer. A subscriber having to go a full month and still not getting a design they’re happy with after paying $499-$999 for that month is certainly not “ok.”

These types of reviews and comments seem to highlight that Penji is all about getting as many clients in the door as possible, churning out designs as fast as they can, and then worrying about things like quality.

That’s just the nature of their model. Scaling up in size quickly, rushing to find designers, using A.I. to match them with clients, and dealing with all of the disappointed customers instead of avoiding these issues in the first place.

Of course, there are some incredible designers working with Penji, and there are some lackluster designers, too. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky enough to be assigned to one of the good designers.

Or, you might not get lucky, and you’ll have to rely on their system to find a new designer to assign to your project, wait for your project again, hope it doesn’t need revisions, and then finally, you’ll have the graphics you needed days ago.

At Graphically, we’ve grown very deliberately to only take on as many clients as we can support, ensuring that getting a great designer working on your project isn’t something you have to cross your fingers about, and we hope that you get lucky.

Turn Around Time

Penji’s turnaround time is 24-96 hours, but if you buy their $999 plan, they offer same-day delivery for simple projects and tasks. For more complex projects, they state that it can take up to 4 days to receive your order.

Graphically’s turnaround time is 24-36 hours, but it’s not uncommon to have a project delivered within the first business day itself.

That’s a massive difference in cost for what amounts to essentially the same minimum wait times, and our timeframe is actually 12 hours shorter than theirs if you use their $499 or $699 plans.

Alternative to Delesign

Finally, let’s compare Graphically to Delesign. In comparison to the previous competitors, Delesign is the only one that’s even in the same ballpark, yet we still beat them on some key points.

Delesign feels like they saw what Penji and Design Pickle were doing and saw an opportunity to offer something more, but they still can’t match our pricing structure or level of service, in our humble opinion. Again, let’s let the numbers speak for themselves…

Delesign’s basic plan starts at $599 per month, which is $200 more per month than our basic plan. That’s $2400 per year – how many new customers could you acquire with an extra $7188 per year to promote your business?)

Their $599 plan is capped at 2 hours per day of design work, so if you need something done by a certain time, you’re just going to have to wait an extra day. Also, they don’t have any dedicated designer working on weekends, so if your project is going to take, for example, two and a half hours and you submit it on a Thursday after the cutoff, they’ll start it on Friday but they won’t finish it.

You’ll have to wait until Monday, and it will eat into your 2 hours of allotted time on Monday, so now you’ll only have 90 minutes left to start the week strong. We don’t impose limits like this. We’ll work hard to get your tasks completed so that you can move on to the next thing.

To Delesign’s credit, they do offer video production, and they help with web and app design, but you’ll need to sign up for their $799 per month plan to unlock that privilege.

In case you need a reminder, we offer videos and design for anything you can imagine, all inside of our very affordable $299 per month plan, or if you want to have three tasks going at a time, you can have it in our competitive pricing plan of $349.

We’re Not Just Competing on Price

We have an in-house team of talented designers who are eager to get to work on your projects, to learn the design language of your brand, and to offer their expertise in every way they can to help you create a perfect brand image, and then to pump out tons of content for your website, your apps, your social media, your product packaging, and more. They’ll create videos for you, they’ll create banner ads, they’ll help you grow your business in so many different ways. We’re so proud of our team and the work they do.

We’re able to offer MORE services than all of our competitors, and we’re able to offer it at a more affordable price.

Now, if we were offering less for a lower price, you would have to take some time and really consider your needs, maybe it would be worth it to spend more with one of the aforementioned companies. However, we’re not offering less. We’re not even offering the same amount. We’re offering more, in every category, by every metric.

Our goal was never to enter this market and bring more of the same old same old to the table, we knew that we were going to have to be better, significantly better, to make a dent against the incumbent brands that have had years of a head start.

Competing on price, and charging a fraction of what our competitors do, is a great start – but from the get-go, we wanted to not only charge less but also offer a better product. Our goal is to be undeniable. We invite you to take us up on our offer of a seven-day trial for just $7, so you can see what we’re all about firsthand.

Who Uses Graphically?

Our user base is very diverse. Turns out, a lot of people want incredible customer graphics delivered at a fraction of the cost that our competitors charge! Who would have thought? We have subscribers that are small businesses, solopreneurs, teams from all around the world, corporations, well-known brands and brand-new startups.

We even offer our services to other graphic design professionals who need some extra help managing their workloads. They outsource their work to us, and we get it back to them quickly so they can send it over to their clients.

We don’t mind; we’re here to help you make more money, whether you’re a graphic designer who has us doing some of your work for you or you’re a business that’s trying to get off the ground and needs a reliable, consistent source for graphics, posts for social media, landing page design, logo design, video editing, and more.

Who else uses graphically? These days, every group needs, at the very least, a presence on social media, if not their own website, and graphic design is crucial for that.

And we’re happy to work with sports teams to help design jerseys and logos, eSports teams who need graphics for the socials and Twitch graphics for their players, book clubs, charities, and just about any other organization you could imagine.

If you’re a plumber in a small town or a record label in a hip city, we can help you create a brand identity and assets to use across every platform imaginable. Album covers, decals for your work van, employee uniforms… the list goes on and on.

Even people who are learning how to design apps for iPhone or Android can benefit from having our graphics at their disposal, to visualize their apps as they’re created.

How To Get Started

Getting started with Graphically is so simple!

Sign up for an account, or start by taking advantage of our 7-day trial.

We have a very clean and simple user interface where you’ll tell us what type of design work you’d like to have completed. All you have to do is submit the job specifications.

Soon, we’ll be in touch to deliver the results to you.

Sometimes, after seeing the finished product, you’ll get some new ideas, or you might think “Hmm, I wonder how it would look with a darker background, or a different shape, or a new color scheme…”

We’re happy to make unlimited revisions to all of our work, and we’ll even create multiple versions for you to compare from the get-go. There’s no extra charge for this, you never have to settle, we’ll ensure you’re thrilled with the results every single time.

Before you try one of the other companies listed above, go for our free trials. We’re confident you’ll be so happy with how much money you’re saving and how easy the process is that you’ll never look back.

Who knew that professional graphic design could be this simple and this affordable? (We did!)


Are all the unlimited design companies the same?

While unlimited design services are generally considered a commodity, there are notable distinctions in the quality of output, pricing, and the user interface for design requests and revisions among various providers. Despite offering similar services, these differences can significantly impact the overall experience and value that clients receive from each service.

Which is the cheapest design pickle alternative?

Graphically is currently the cheapest and one of the top best design pickle alternatives around.

What factors should I consider when choosing a Design Pickle alternative?

You need to consider factors such as pricing, design quality, turnaround time, customer support, design process, range of design services offered, and user reviews when choosing an alternative.

What are some of the best Design Pickle alternatives for unlimited graphic designs?

In addition to, there are other Design Pickle alternatives for unlimited graphic designs, such as Kapa99, ManyPixels, Kimp, Superside, Penji, and Design Shifu.

How quickly can I expect to receive my designs from these alternatives?

Turnaround times may vary, but many Design Pickle alternatives pride themselves on delivering designs promptly. You can typically expect to receive initial design concepts within a couple of business days.

Which Penji alternative is the best fit for my business or design needs?

The best Penji alternative for you will depend on factors such as your budget, specific design requirements, the level of design quality you seek, and the range of services offered. You have to research and compare different alternatives to make an informed decision.

Which is the best unlimited design company for agencies?

Through there are many design services, Graphically is one of the top unlimited design companies catering to agencies.

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