How to Be A Pro at Designing Facebook Ads

Social media platforms like Facebook are taking the world by storm. With such a vast audience reach across the globe, what better way can there be to advertise your business and products!

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to promote your business and grow your potential customer base. However, there are millions of ads out there. How will you make your Facebook ad stand out?

An impressive ad design will definitely attract more users to your business. The design does not simply mean the image. It goes beyond it and involves the copy, CTAs, videos, and the overall layout.

An effective ad strategy and the right tools make the process of ad designing easier and much efficient. Read on to know how to be a pro at designing Facebook ads.

Plan Your Facebook Ads Strategy

Before you begin whipping out a drawing board and sketch, there is an essential step to follow. To be a pro at designing Facebook ads, you need to start by creating an effective ad stratagies. It will help you to chalk out the right ad design.

Select the Target Audience

The best feature of Facebook ads is that it has a great targeting system. To define the target audience for your ads, you need to find out who is most likely to purchase your products.

You can define specific parameters such as interests, age, location, and other demographics. You can collect this or other information through product surveys or personality quiz questions to collect valuable data. Once you establish your target audience, you can design your Facebook ads that appeal the most to this specific group.

Set a Goal

The next part of your ad strategy should be to figure out what exactly you are seeking to achieve with your Facebook ads. Are you looking for better brand awareness or lead generation? Are you aiming for more active conversions?

Once you determine your goals, you can tailor your ad designs according to them. For instance, let’s say your goal is to enhance engagement. You should then consider which format works best to achieve it. Videos and viral images may attain it better than a carousel.

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Tips to Design Facebook Ads Like A Pro

Now that you have set an ad strategy, it is time to get into designing. The below steps ensure that you design the most impactful Facebook ads:

1.     Represent Your Marketing Message Clearly

This strategy may seem simple, doesn’t it? Yet, it is the most crucial element in your Facebook ads. Your marketing message must not get lost among the overpowering patterns and colors of your ad. If it does, then your entire effort fails.

Your message and the offer are the essential part of the Facebook ad. Your ad will not get any clicks if the message is not clear to your audience. Your well-designed Facebook ad will ultimately not bring any favorable results if this element is missing.

So, make sure that your ad has a clear message. Your overall ad design must represent this message.

Your ad image or video must complement the message you are trying to convey. For instance, let’s say your ad copy talks about how enjoyable a toy is for kids. It would make more sense to have an image of children happily playing with the toy, while subtly integrating the toy’s logo design in the background to enhance brand recognition.

If you put an image of just a toy in a box, it would not have the same effect, would it?

2.     Make Buyer Personas

Your customers have different needs. You can improve the efficiency of your design for Facebook ads by making buyer personas. It also helps to gain customer satisfaction.

Create a detailed buyer persona for each type of potential customer. Make sure to list their age, profession, and possible reasons that they may choose your product. It is essential to figure out the problems they face that incite them to seek a solution with your product.

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Once you figure this out, you must design your Facebook ads according to it. Design a Facebook ad for each persona that you create. It will help you select the best approach to reach your target audience.

You have to design your ads in a way that best motivates them to engage with your ads. You can inspire them to take action as soon as possible.

3.     Choose Unique and Attractive Images

The image that you use in your Facebook ad must stand out. A user can easily scroll through your ad in their endless feed. To make them stop and look at your ad, you need an image that immediately draws their attention.

An attractive image can earn you some clicks. It should either appeal to your audience or generate enough curiosity. Make sure to select your image carefully. It can make or break your ad.

Your image must stand apart from the other common ones. You could achieve this by bringing in some visual contrast. Contrasting colors can help your image’s focal point to shine through the rest.

Make sure not to cram your image with too many elements. It could make users lose attention. Your image composition must be neat and not very complex.

(Source :

You can make use of tools such as Canva or Snappa for good composition. Also, make sure that the images in your Facebook ads are high-quality.

4.     Use Effective Call-to-Actions

Call-to-Actions are another integral element of your Facebook ads. You can feature call-to-action (CTA) in your ad video or ad copy as applicable. Make sure to reinforce it through Facebook’s featured clickable CTA options.

Your target audience needs to know what action to take upon seeing your Facebook ads. You make it easier for them by giving a CTA. Effective CTAs will lead to a significant increase in conversion rates and click through rates!

To have a better impact, incorporate a CTA into the text of your ad copy. It is also beneficial to use it in the headline. It should align with the clickable call-to-action button that you design for your Facebook ad.

You can test various CTA options and choose the ones that work the best with your target audience.

A good CTA can achieve one or more of the following:

·         Awareness: You can achieve this with CTAs like click to subscribe and click to read more such content

Information: Use CTAs such as click to learn more and click to download

·         Conversations: Use CTAs such as click the like button, share, and tag your friends.

·         Conversions: Use CTAs like add to cart, install the app, and buy now

5.     Show Social Proof

Did you know that fear also plays an essential role when people make purchase decisions? We usually resist buying products because we are scared of losing our money or getting a bad deal.

It has been observed that consumers are often more worried about losing some things than being thrilled about gaining. It is for this reason that sales with discounts, free products, and free shipping deals perform the best. For consumers, free equals no risk and no fear.

While you do not have to give your products for free, you can address this consumer’s fear in another way. You can include social proof in your ad designs. Social proof refers to visible acknowledgment that many of your previous customers like your products or services.

You can design your Facebook ads by highlighting this through the number of likes and shares. Testimonials are another brilliant way to achieve this.

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You can have famous personalities to endorse your products. Another way is to show how your previous customers enjoy your products. For instance, you can say that more than 1,000 people use your product regularly. Then, show images or video clips of some of them.

Social proof can be one of the most powerful design tips to boost sales.

6.     Optimize Your Ad Design According to its Placement

Facebook Ads get different placements. You have to choose the right placement for your ad. Make sure to then design your Facebook ad according to the placement.

The various Facebook ad placements tend to have different performances. Make sure to select yours according to your goals, which could be more conversions or low cost.

You have to design your ads in a way that works best with each placement. For desktop news feeds, you can go for a slightly longer ad copy with link descriptions. Meanwhile, for mobile newsfeeds, make your ad copy shorter and use apt CTAs.

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A cheaper placement would be the right column of the desktop. Here, your images appear smaller, and the text is not very readable. To gain the user’s attention, the picture that you use must be familiar or very attractive.

For ads that feature in Facebook stories, design your ads more creatively. Make sure that they are mobile-friendly. For videos, it must not exceed 15 seconds.

7.     Use the Right Colors

The colors that you use in your ad designs can make your ads more appealing. You can easily draw attention to your Facebook ads by using colors that do not blend with the other newsfeed posts.

You must choose the colors that work well together. Alternatively, you can also use colors that contrast each other. Make sure that this creates a favorable effect rather than a gaudy or cramped appearance.

You can also go for consistency by choosing a color palette. Several apps can help you set a palette that reflects your ads and brand the best.

The colors that you use in your ad designs have a profound effect on the users. You can make use of particular colors to generate the desired appeal for your target audience.

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Yellow is known to set a cheerful and warm tone. While white and silver shades express calmness and neutral moods.

You can experiment with your hues and put out the best version to make your Facebook ads visually appealing!

8.     Add the Element of Urgency

Consumers hate losing out on exciting deals, especially if they are time-bound. There’s nothing worse than letting a good opportunity slip away right through your fingers, isn’t it?

Adding the element of urgency or even scarcity piques the attention of your audience. They simply cannot pass up an exciting and profitable deal.

Design your Facebook ad in a way that this urgency stands out. The fear of missing out makes your audience more likely to actively engage with your Facebook ads.

Make sure that your headline or ad text includes one of the following phrases to evoke urgency among your target audience:

·         Only for today!

·         Limited offer!

·         Hurry!

·         Limited stocks only!

·         Act now!

·         Last chance!

9.     Tell a Story

A picture is worth a thousand words! You can use images in your Facebook ads to tell a story. Short videos telling a story also brings in exceptional results.

By designing your Facebook ads around stories, you appeal to the emotions and logic of your audience. It can also be memorable to them, and they will be drawn to your ads and products.

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You can design single image advertisements to tell one short story. Set the scene and mood in a way that establishes an emotional connection with your audience. It can be heartwarming, touching, or even relatable, and funny.

Let your image speak for you. Do not start describing the story again with ad texts. You can, however, add a caption or two to highlight the main point.

Make sure that your story is short and has a single effect. You do not have to make your audience happy, scared, and nervous at once. It is best to go with one desired emotion. Otherwise, it may confuse the users, and they will just scroll past it.

Final Thoughts

Facebook ads can be slightly tricky to design. You need to get so many aspects right to create impactful and well-performing ads.

Luckily, you now know all the best ways to design Facebook ads like a pro!

Make sure to always keep your target audience and goals in mind while designing your Facebook ads. You will soon find the strategies that work best with your target audience.

Go ahead and start applying the tips to design your best Facebook ads!

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