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18 Best Cute Canva Fonts For Your Playful And Quirky Design

There’s something captivating about encountering cute elements in our surroundings. Graphic designers often incorporate cute elements into their designs to grab attention. Surprisingly, even adults find joy in cute things. Cuteness can be found in various aspects of life, from babies and clothes to stationery, jewelry, animals, and even fonts.

Designers employ many cute fonts for diverse projects, whether it’s crafting children’s birthday party invitations or infusing cuteness into t-shirt designs, stickers, and social media branding.

The challenge lies in striking a balance between grabbing attention and maintaining elegance. Designers cleverly integrate these attractive, cute fonts into numerous brand and business design templates, creating designs that are timeless.

Cute Canva fonts have gained significant popularity recently, to the extent that people are incorporating them into various designs. Choosing the right one can be tough, so I’ve compiled a list of free cute fonts available on Canva, allowing you to create charming designs effortlessly.

What is a Cute Font?

Cute fonts encompass lovely and adorable typefaces primarily used for display purposes. These fonts are characterized by childish, vibrant, decorative, and large designs. Its primary goal is to create casual designs and captivate the audience to evoke a sense of playfulness and a positive mood.

You can always make use of an adorable font that can be highly effective in various design projects, particularly those aimed at children. Children are naturally drawn to cute calligraphy and find elegant designs appealing. However, cute fonts are not limited to specific age groups. From kids to adults, cute fonts are well-suited for book illustrations, stationery design, birthday party decorations, and other projects. Their whimsical and cheerful appeal makes them a popular choice for creating visually engaging and lively designs.

Canva Fonts

Some of these best cute fonts fall under the font category of Scripted fonts. Scripted fonts include calligraphy fonts, giving it a decorative appearance. The letters resemble traditional cursive or over-exaggerated letterforms. They are widely known for their quirky and adorable personality, characterized by strokes called swashes, defined by curls and letter extensions.

Homegrown businesses, handcrafted brands, and casual offices can utilize these fonts for their branding, enhancing their approachability and friendliness. These typefaces are visually appealing, leaving a long-lasting impression.

It’s like spotting an adorable cat in the neighborhood, and our mind goes, “Aww.” These cute fonts exude a natural warmth, making them perfect for logos, quotes, invitation cards, and t-shirt designs. They infuse designs with whimsy and fun.

In summary:

• They often belong to the script or handwritten font category.
• Their letterforms feature rounded edges, decorative elements, and unique shapes.
• The theme of such typefaces is typically fun and exciting.
• They are ideal for designing cards, social media content, decorative displays, book illustrations, t-shirt designs, and more.
• They evoke positive emotions, enhancing people’s connection with the design.

18 Free Cute Fonts On Canva

You can effortlessly access cute Canva fonts for free without any hassle. These fonts are not only visually appealing but also versatile. They evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of our sweet childhood memories. These Canva typefaces are characterized by pretty strokes, swirls, and decorative lines. They resemble the neat handwriting of a child that never fails to put a smile on our faces. Canva has made custom cute fonts that can genuinely melt your heart, and I’ve curated the best ones available for free on the Canva platform. All the typefaces I’ve mentioned are user-friendly and add a delightful touch to your work.

Here are the top 18 Canva fonts that just scream, **CUTE**!

1. Railey


The Railey Font is ideal for any template you’re designing. It presents a cute and modern handwritten style, making it perfect for various applications such as home decor, invitation templates, quotes, blog headers, branding, t-shirts, posters, and more. Its visual appeal gives readers a relaxed and free-spirited vibe. The font is fully accessible to everyone and is PUA-encoded, allowing you to access all the characters without needing special design software.

2. Le Petit Cochon

 Le Petit Cochon

Le Petit Cochon is an adorable, chubby, and bold script font with a unique style that can transform any design idea into a standout masterpiece! It’s perfect for enhancing displays in toy stores or creating playful kids’ menus. This font is highly legible and can be paired with any other font to add an extra touch of cuteness. Le Petit Cochon includes Latin characters, diacritics, and Greek characters for versatile usage.

3. Handyman


The Handyman font is a popular display font renowned for its unique style. This adorable font includes Extended Latin and Extended Cyrillic letters. It has amazing readability as a display font, making it a perfect choice for birthday banners, wedding invitations, online content, and more. With a normal x-height, the letterforms are simple and clean.

4. Pecita


One of the perfect fonts, Pecita, exudes a playful nature, resembling an elegant ligature. Its letterforms possess artistic flair, featuring unique touches such as interconnected ‘o’ lettering and uncrossed ‘t’s. The font boasts a balanced ornate look with even letterforms, making it ideal for birthday cards or illustrating book covers. Its minimalist aesthetic also renders it suitable for branding, although it is not suitable for body copy.

5. More Sugar

More Sugar

“More Sugar” appears as a charming children’s font, perfect for designing candy shop signage, lighthearted packaging, and vibrant stickers. Its simplicity is coupled with creativity, offering a delightful display font option. The letterforms boast natural strokes, creating a casual appearance. Its bouncy strokes and well-spaced letters ensure high legibility for the human eye.

6. Bryndan Write

Bryndan Write

Bryndan Write, introduced in 2016, features a subtle chalk design, distinguishing it from other bold handwritten fonts. Its legibility is coupled with an artistic flair, making it an ideal choice for teachers and students alike. Additionally, its understated boldness sets it apart in the realm of handwritten fonts.

7. Lazydog


Lazydog is a delightful free script designed by Paul Neave, perfect for conveying a sweet and friendly message. Among the charming fonts available on Canva, this all-uppercase font has high readability, allowing for easy scaling into various display sizes. Whether you’re creating a baby shower display or small greeting cards, it sure is a popular choice. The soothing sans serif lettering also makes it an ideal choice for online blog headers, cartoons, or editing YouTube videos.

8. Balabeloo


Balabeloo is a display sans serif that gives out a cute vintage feel.  The uppercase letters make Balabeloo look more graceful and warm. This bold font is bubbly in nature, making it a great choice for nursery decorations, banners, and children’s picture books.

9. Moonlight


The name Moonlight gives the readers a mysterious and whimsical feel, and the font is no better! The geometrically inspired rounded letterforms, also have extended serifs, making it ideal for printing books or mystical-themed event invites.

10. Made Barista

Made Barista

Made Barista is a great graphic design font designed by MADE Type. It brings a vintage vibe, making it a perfect choice for making coffee shop menus or posters. The stylish letterforms have a low center of gravity, with small curves and increased ascenders. Try using this unique font for light-hearted invites and cheerful birthday cards.

11. Core Bandi

Core Bandi

Core Bandi is a 3D outline font with a round, geometric style. This hand-made typeface features doodled letter strokes, similar to pencil shading. It can be considered a cute display typeface ideal for designing minimalist posters, and personalized stationery.

12. Pirou


Pirou can be considered as an experimental outline font inspired by Didot. This fonts on Canva is best for designing whimsical templates for large titles such as logos, banners, headlines, and much more. This font contains more than 300 stylish characters, including uppercase, lowercase, symbols, ligatures, numbers, and accents. Pirou is a great choice for graphic design tutorials as well.,

13. One little font

One little font

As the name “One Little Font” suggests, this free typeface boasts incredibly charming small letters that appeal to both kids and adults. This font makes an excellent choice for brands to market their custom merchandise, , design stickers, bags, and more. Available in two styles, “One Little Font Full” is a handmade typeface that features completely filled letters like the letter “o,” adding a touch of childishness and nostalgia. It has double-letter ligatures, which is great for “hand-written” quotes and product packaging.

14. Gamja Flower

Gamja Flower

Gamja flower is a Korean and Latin typeface that reflects the feminine impression of a potato flower. Gamja Flower features the texture of pen writing with a rhythmic baseline. A team of design experts believes that Gamja Flower is one of the best Christmas font combinations for Canva.

15. Finger Paint

Finger Paint

Finger Paint is a playful font that resembles the appearance of letters drawn with finger paint. Finger Paint was designed by Ralph Oliver du Carrois. Finger Paint is a free font in Canva, which started as an experiment with artistic brush effects and became a real typeface later. It is preferred by designers to depict that something is handmade.

16. Sigher


When you use the Sigher typeface for text or display, it creates a natural vintage vibe. It’s a handmade grunge typeface that can easily make the audience connect with the design. You can easily blend this typeface into invite templates, for some quirky designs.

17. Genty Sans

Genty Sans

Looking for typefaces similar to More Sugar? Check out Genty Sans! It’s a cute and bold font with stylish lettering, perfect for display purposes.  The geometric letterforms, make it look more legible compared to other scripts. It’s ideal for book printing, comics, t-shirts, and more.

18. Sweet Apricot

Sweet Apricot 

Sweet Apricot is as sweet as it sounds. This typeface probably covers the best cute font in Canva. With simple cursive letters, it can steal anyone’s attraction within seconds. It doesn’t matter whether you use Sweet Apricot for headings, letters, logos, or body text; this sure is one cute font you cannot miss.

To Wrap It Up

Picking a cute font for your next big project can be difficult, but hey, I hope this guide covering the best cute fonts helped you. Adding a cute typeface can magically make any design dashing.

Choosing adorable fonts can enhance the appeal of your project. In fact, you can easily use all these fonts for free in Canva. So go ahead, and make your design a beacon of joy!


1. What are cute fonts used for?

Normally, such fonts are used keeping in mind children as the target audience, but all age groups have a certain fascination with cute fonts. You can use cute fonts to create kids’ party invitations, social media graphics, nursery decor, baby announcements, blog headers, and much more. Certain brands also utilize such fonts for marketing purposes to make the brand look more approachable and friendly.

2. Can I download Canva fonts?

No, you can’t download Canva fonts directly. But many of the fonts within Canva are available to download for free on the internet. You can get some of the fonts from Google Fonts.

3. How can you pair cute Canva fonts?

An adorable Canva font can stand out on its own, serving as a heading or eye-catching text. To enhance readability, you can pair it with a sans-serif for body text. This combination creates a beautiful and polished overall design.

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