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Types of Environmental Graphic Design Examples and Brand Experience in Physical Space

You find yourself running late for a meeting at a new building. Upon arrival, all you encounter are empty walls and a deserted lobby. Uncertain of where to go or what to do, the first impression of the company leaves you wondering – will it make you happy or leave you disappointed? This scenario illustrates the significant impact of brand experience.

How can you elevate this experience? A simple answer. Through EGD, or Environmental Graphic Design.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What is environmental graphic design?
  • Five types of environmental design.
  • Examples of environmental design.
  • How does it influence your brand image?”

  • Environmental visual design has been prevalent throughout history, from Egyptian hieroglyphics to modern history museums and airports today.
  • It refers to incorporating multiple graphic elements to enhance the user experience of a space.
  • It incorporates various disciplines such as architectural, industrial design, and interior design to create a user-friendly physical space.

To enhance your overall brand image, making use of physical dimensions and space to elevate your customer or client experience can benefit your brand. Many researchers believe that the design of physical space has a significant, quantifiable impact on the quality of people’s experience.

If you’re an upcoming brand or small business, you really have to check out this guide that I wrote about environmental graphic design. Let’s dive in.

What is Environmental Graphic Design?

what is environemntal graphic design

This type of graphic design is an extension of your overall brand identity through utilizing interior design and exterior spaces. EGD is a way to impress and gain a form of trust from people.

You can see environmental visual designs on corporate buildings, hospitals, schools, retail spaces, sports venues, and more. The brands associated with each field use intriguing visual elements or designs in their tangible space to create brand stories through imagery, color, typography, and interior designs to communicate with their audience.

This type of design is sometimes known as experiential visual design. It’s more than the overall beauty of a space and is about how people connect and relate to it, evoking emotions of safety and trust in the environment.

Most designers try to elevate the experience of a physical space by keeping in mind the target audience’s needs. It should help people to navigate, interact, and feel when they are in a new area. The basic idea is to understand the importance of people walking into that environmental space and designing the space to cater to the audience’s intentions, objectives, and requirements for them to have a great experience.

Types of Environmental Graphic Designs for a Brand

types of egd for a brand

In today’s built environment, this type of visual design is a broad subject.

Let’s break it down by learning more about the five types of elements that exist in experiential graphic design.

1. Wayfinding and Signage

wayfinding and signage

These systems serve as a seamless guide for new visitors, employees, and other guests, helping them navigate through your space. Attractive banners, wayfinding symbols, and regulatory signage can display safety notices and other important information for people to be aware of.

This creates a visual path through an environment for people to feel connected to your company, even when they are in an unfamiliar environment. You can use signage and wayfinding by using consistent brand design elements like color, typography, and icons.

2. Wall and Floor Graphics

wall and floor graphics

Walls and floors are important aspects of building space. They have to be considered as an extension of your company and should influence user experience. You can also make use of glass and windows to showcase your brand message. Customized glass and wall graphics can be an interior design addition, providing a sense of privacy and safety.

Large images with illustrations can evoke creativity and calmness, depending on the mood you want to nurture within a space. Creating a space with color can change the overall experience index. This can create a reputable impression on visitors and an inspirational space for your employees.

3. Digital Displays

digital displays

Displays, sometimes called electrical signs, refer to LED or video walls that project videos, menus, webpages, and more. This digital signage can also display live metrics, social media feeds, and webinars. You can also use this as a decorative element to visually enhance the workspace.

It is an efficient and effective way to deliver information to clients and visitors and aesthetically appeal to employees.

4. Branded Environments

branded environment

This is the primary space where employees and customers interact on a day-to-day basis. It gives life to your brand through visual and architectural storytelling. It sets the mood of how people interact, feel, and navigate through the environment. It gives out a sense of belonging and understanding.

Elements like your brand colors, logo, imagery, and business values should be represented in your lobby. It should feel authentic for people when they walk in and immediately feel connected to your brand.

5. Interactive Media

interactive media

With the increase in digital technology and how content and interaction can enhance user experience, interactive media plays a larger role. Virtual reality, animations, and video can engagingly become a part of your business reality. It’s like a modern way of triggering human sensory touch points such as sound, touch, and sight.

This will increase the effectiveness of people interacting with your space. Your visitors, clients, or employees should feel like they belong to that space and be tempted to click pictures and share them on social media.

Environmental Graphic Design Examples

environmental graphic design examples

Graphic design is the process of creating visually appealing and creative messages. Environmental graphics bring people together in a space. It creates an interior and exterior atmosphere, that engages with people and helps direct people to navigate around the space.

If the walls and glass are blank, it’s impossible to tell a story and engage with others. The space around you should make the brand that gives a sense of belonging to someone who walks through your space. they should feel and see a well-crafted story that’s new and exciting for visitors or employees, too.

First, try to visit your space and evaluate the experience between people and spaces. Then, if you see blank canvases just waiting to become an extension of your brand and influence, it’s high time you create a mood for how you would want your place to be. You can make a lasting impression with murals and create a sense of happy user experience between people and your authentic brand.

Examples Of Environmental Graphic Design Brand Experience

Here are some of the best examples of top brands that utilized environmental visual communication as part of their brand strategy.

1. Saint Elizabeth

saint el

The Saint Elizabeth design is an example of a branded environment.

2. Novel Park

novel park

Novel Park is the best example of signage and wayfinding

3. McDonald’s


The McDonald’s design is an example of a branded environment

4. Bubbleverse


Bubbleverse is the best example of interactive media

5. Bluestonex


Bulestonex has the best example of wall and glass graphics

6. Tide


The Tide design is an example of a branded environment

7. Subway


The Subway design is an example of a branded environment

8. Payfactors


Payfactors has the best example of  Digital Displays.

9. Hyundai


Hyundai has the best examples of exhibition design

How Does Environmental Design or Experiential Graphic Design Influence People?

  1. The multidisciplinary design area creates a positive atmosphere to help people be productive, inspired, and engaged.
  2. Interaction design of interior space can promote creative thinking because interactive spaces can stimulate the minds of people.
  3. An authentic space creates a strong connection with the target audience, making them loyal.
  4. This creates a balanced space for people to work in group settings or alone. Use panels and dividers that are mobile to create these spaces, incorporating colorful graphics.
  5. This can attract new employees. Your brand identity helps you have a strong brand presence among new people, creating a great first experience.

Graphic Design Company For Your Great Design

Whether you’re designing an inspirational and encouraging space for daily users or creating a lasting impression on your clients and guests, environmental graphic design helps you to build a culture and influence customers.

A top graphic design agency can help you find the right people to make your dream space into a reality. You can hire designers on retainer or through subscription models, but here at, you can easily get top in-house graphic designers to help you with what you want. Reach out to us today! We are more than happy to help.


1. What is an example of environmental graphics?

The installation of signage and wayfinding, along with real time interactive displays, can be a right example of this type of design. The walls, floors, and glass are blank canvases of your building, which can be further decorated with murals, lighting, and audio. You can have banners listing your values through words and create graphics that influence clients, employees, and people. 

2. What does an environmental graphic designer do?

A graphic designer who has a role in environmental graphic design looks into making your exterior and interior atmosphere user-friendly. They incorporate multiple areas in which fields like architecture, interior design, and industrial design are incorporated together to create a brand experience journey for your target audience. 

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