Top Graphic Design Trends 2023

It is time when you revive your aesthetics and experiment with your creativity like never before! The world of graphic design has never been so alluring. First, of course, we must understand that the creative mind gives birth to unique designs, but the relevance of those designs comes from the trends of that particular time.

Graphic design trends improve brand recognition and uplift marketing. History, pop culture, music, movies, politics, world events, sports, and fashion will heavily influence Graphic Design Trends in 2023. However, relatability is the crucial factor here. Considering the brand value, target audience, and society, graphic designers, marry creativity with relatability, establishing the top graphic design trends of 2023.

Illustrations On Rise

Authentic look and feel are of high value in Graphic Design. Exclusive illustrations or drawings that are yours enable your brand to stand out among the crowd. It is unique and feels premium. Art and graphics always hold onto one another and speak volumes when merged correctly. The familiarity that illustrations bring in your brand resonates with consumers for a long time. 

Graphic Illustration vs. Graphic Design

Graphic illustration and graphic design are very similar in art history, skills, and tools used in art creation but also have particular distinctions.

Graphic illustration is more art oriented. The sole focus is to create real-life art with impeccable artistic skills. Graphic design, on the other hand, requires artistic skills but focuses on product, books, brand image, advertising, and website design rather than polishing fine art capabilities. The amalgamation of these two is one of the top graphic designs of 2023.


Inclusivity In The Diverse World

Inclusivity is raging on demand like never before. Inclusivity in graphic design covers all races, cultures, gender, and ability. It makes the brands look aware and compassionate and positively affects consumers. As a result, people connect to the brand and support it, making them permanent consumers. This graphic design trend brings a soothing change to people’s traditional minds. We are all different but equally deserve to be noticed and heard in this world. Unity in diversity should be the prime focus of graphic designers for ultimate brand building.

Stylish Dark Mode Theme

There are dark themes on all your social media apps on your mobile phone. This theme is being fed into the minds of millions of consumers, making them attracted to the same. A simple text on a dark background grabs enormous eyeballs in the Graphic design and advertising industry. This design trend looks modern, sharp, sleek, rich, and trustworthy. Graphic designers should keep this trend in mind to increase and retain website footfall. 

Sustainable Textures And Design Patterns 

The world is evolving. Consumers are more inclined to natural products. Therefore, the Rs- Reduce, Recycle, Reuse- are of utmost importance. Hence, the graphic design trends of 2023 will revolve around natural textures and patterns. The prints on the product packaging and paper bags will feel and look environmentally friendly. It will not only earn an excellent reputation for the brand but will also make it increasingly popular.

Tips for nailing sustainable design trends

  • Minimalistic design application
  • Eco-friendly printing
  • Versatile and unique designs that symbolize all environmental issues

Retro design On Trend

Retro is undoubtedly one of the most attractive graphic design trends in 2023. However, it does not mean copying the same designs that already existed in the 70s to the 2000s bracket. Instead, it processes trendy design elements of that time and amalgamates them with the essence of modernity. So now the question is how one can observe if a design has a retro theme. The design must have bright, popping, eye-catching colors and be equally distributed in the frame. 

Components of Retro Design-

  • Hand-drawn fonts
  • Metal chains
  • Over-the-top frames.

This design trend is fun, attractive, and resonates with fashion, making it highly effective for fashion digital marketing.

Sans Serif is back

Typography is continuously evolving. After experimenting with different fonts and typographical styles, graphic designers have finally returned to the good old Sans Serif. It creates a clean palette with a minimalist design for brand logos, packaging, and website. It not only adds the required freshness but also eliminates all the chaos in the image and adds to the legibility factor and accessibility. As a result, the final output looks dominant and classic, and the whole concentration is on the product or the feel of the brand. 

Futuristic Liquid Gradient Colour Trend

The future is the fine focus of the fullness of time. This design gives the colors a rich metallic feel that looks glossy and easily translates from static to animation. This graphic design color trend will be an absolute hit in 2023. Whether in product packages, websites, or print media, the liquid gradient color trend is here to rule. Liquid gradient colors give an artsy background, and immersing topography in them will be the perfect sci-fi spin to the design, causing it to rage in the advertising world. 

Top places to apply liquid gradient color trend in 2023

  • Brand Logo
  • Product Packaging
  • Website Designing
  • Print Media
  • Apps

Mixing Dimensions Up

Mixing is a tricky business. The right proportion can make your design look like a cut above the rest. The online world has become permanently immersed in our life, causing graphic designers to mix natural life photography with digital illustrations. This trend is weird but in the right way focusing on vibrant colours and cartoons. It gives the image a lively and exciting feel, making it look high fashion. It is the right blend of artificial and real in the most artistic style. It enables us to think and be imaginative as it is highly layered, speaking more than already depicted in the picture. 

Complex Design Elements

Storytelling is the prime element of Graphic Design. Even if it is an illustration without text, designers cleverly weave in the brand story or the product journey through the advertising image. Abstract traits, quirky designs, and close-knit visuals form the brand’s accurate narrative. These illustrations are dense, posing images one after another, having the same theme. To explain further, one child might be studying, another might be playing in the park, and another might be singing on a stage, but all these situations are in a school environment. Although it includes several elements, the design is stylish, minimal, and not tiring on the eyes. It propagates the idea of several stories taking place at one time.

Maximalist Graphic Design

Punk, graffiti, bold, vibrant colors, early 90s grunge, and flared typography summarize maximalist Graphic Design. Layering different shapes, images, and patterns and creating and mixing dimensions with optical illusions generate the maximalist graphic design trend. This well-organized chaos design will stay on trend in 2023 all over print media, websites, brand logos, product packaging, and more. 

Ways to create a maximalist graphic design

  • Be fearless with bold color combinations
  • Generate optical illusions
  • Create drama with motifs and patterns
  • Layer images and typography
  • Play with fantasy designs

Colour trends in 2023

Color palate plays an enormous role in the graphic design world.

Colors define personalities. Whether it’s the colour of your walls, the colours you choose to wear, or in this case, colour trends in design, speak volumes about your brand image. Rich and warm colours are the colours trends of 2023. Adding to this is noir, used in maximalist and minimalist designs to bring out the desired message of the advert

Hence the bright poppy pink, green, and warm yellow mixed with elements of black and white are all in vogue. With retro making a considerable comeback, these colors with modern pastel shades and textures feed in the right amount of curiosity and attraction in my consumer’s mind.


The graphic design universe is continuously evolving. A new design storms the advertising world, and a new graphic design trend follows. One must follow the trends but mix them up with unique individuality. Only this attitude can give birth to new designs and trends. As Justin Zhuang rightly says

“If we always follow the rules set by designers in the 20th century- while we live in the 21st century- what are we following?”

Today’s ugly graphic design can be tomorrow’s graphic design trend. So graphic design services must be brave to try new styles and mixes, which will continuously develop new graphic designs and trends.

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